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User Guide (Meteor Inkjet)

Creating a Smart Device Configuration

There are two points Meteor compatible Smart Device Configurations need, that other configurations do not require.

  1. Print Bars Horizontal to Image
    Meteor systems need this to be disabled (unchecked).
    Failure to do this will result in the RIPServer generating an error due to incompatible settings, and failing to print.
  2. Meteor Configurations
    In the RIP Config Templates section there needs to be at least one entry - Meteor → Meteor_Default.cfg
    This is the Meteor configuration that is sent to the RIPServers to configure Meteor
    It is possible to have more than one of these files, all files present in the Meteor folder will appear in the SPC UI as PDC Configuration.

Meteor UI Plugin

The Meteor Pane is installed at the top of the row of icons on the left side.
This UI pane provides basic functionality for testing; more features are available using the OPC-UA interface.

Head Power

Turn on/off the head power.

Product Detect 'Force'

Pressing this issues a product detect message, which causes the buffers to start emptying.

The Force PD button only sends a signal to the first Harlequin Direct Server.
In a real system, the hardware is connected together, propagating the signal between boards.
As a result, using more than one Harlequin Direct Server with the Meteor Simulation may result in some boards not receiving the Product Detect signal (and not emptying the buffers).

Print Buffer indicator

This indicator gives the operator a hint when the Product Detect button could be pressed. (The indicator is red when SPC starts.)

The button displays red under the following conditions:

  • The hardware buffer is empty.
  • Harlequin Direct restarts.

The button displays green under the following conditions:

  • The hardware buffer is filled to the level set in the PDHint parameter (set to 90% by default).
  • All jobs have moved from the Print Queue to the Completed Queue.

Buffer Chart

This displays the current buffer state for each Harlequin Direct server.

Evaluation limitations

Buffer view

The Meteor UI does not dynamically update when servers are added or removed; if the number of servers is changed, SPC must be restarted for this to be reflected in the UI.

OPC Server

The Meteor UI Plugin contains an OPC server.
The default endpoint is: opc.tcp://localhost:26642/spc-meteor

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