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Installing a calibration

Installing calibrations and linearizations

PrintFlat calibration and linearization packages may be installed into ScreenPro File, ScreenPro Core, and ScreenPro Direct products. 

ScreenPro must be version 2.4 or above to be used with PrintFlat.

The instructions below are for ScreenPro File; for installation in other ScreenPro products please refer to the ScreenPro Developer Guide or the relevant OEM DFE documentation.

Open ScreenPro and (if necessary) disable any active screens.

Screens are disabled by toggling the Enabled button, so that they become greyed out.

Open the Tools menu and select Install PrintFlat Calibration or Install Linearization:

Select the Your_Screen_Name_Here.pfc file and press Open.

The filename for the .pfc file must exactly match that of the screen that you want it to be installed to.

You will receive notification of successful installation of the calibration or linearization.

ScreenPro must be restarted to activate the calibration or linearization.

The calibrated or linearized screen is now ready for use.

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