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PrintFlat Release Notes

Version 2.7

Released February 2022

Breaking Change

This version must be used with ScreenPro Core v3.2.2 or above, which supports calibrationMethod = "Mixed", for compatibility with single calibration and linearization PFC package generation.

What's new

  • Now fully multi-threaded, for significantly faster processing and calibration generation
  • PrintFlat calibrations and linearizations now generated in a single PFC package, requiring only a single installation
  • Support added for generating only a single empty separation, which can be re-used multiple times by downstream processes
  • Updated LDK licensing runtime to v8.32
  • Supports Windows 11

Issues fixed

  • Loss of light tones and linearity differences occurring due to changes in the more recent versions of the Epson scanner TWAIN driver
  • Target caching could cause multiple primary colors to be overlaid under some conditions

Version 2.6

Released July 2021

What's new

  • Flattening algorithm updated to remove rounding bias and give minor quality improvement
  • German language now selectable in app
  • Links to online support documentation added

Issues fixed

  • Some users experienced slow connection to the Contex IQFLEX scanner (see updated Troubleshooting documentation)
  • Even number scans were not accepted when using the new single scan method RotateAlternatingPanels: true
  • Syntax error in sample.config corrected

Version 2.4

Released May 2021

Breaking Change

This version contains a breaking change to the target generation. When upgrading from previous versions, you must re-generate your target images to ensure a successful calibration can be made.

What's new

  • How targets are generated has changed. New targets are generated with the even copies of targets rotated. With these new targets, scanning each target twice is no longer required. When scanning these new targets, be sure to scan them all in the same orientation. Scanning in an unsupported orientation results in an error message in the UI.
    • If the original behavior is needed, enable it by setting RotateAlternatingPanels to false in the printer configuration file.
  • PrintFlat Create performance is improved by processing scans in parallel with making new scans. The UI has been updated to show progress on a per-scan basis in the queue.
  • PrintFlat Inline performance is improved by processing scans in parallel.
    • Due to the use of parallel processing, the API now returns an AggregateException, which may contain one or more PrintFlatServerException and PrintFlatServerScanException.
  • Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 64-bit ended.

Version 2.3

Released March 2021

What's new

  • We introduce a new product, PrintFlat Inline. For more details, see your support or sales representative. 
  • Also:
    • Allowing additional types to be used by the barcode preprocessor (MorphologyEx method).
    • The DefaultScannerDpi setting in the PrintFlat Create app.config file has been moved to the printer configuration file. If it's not specified, it defaults to the original 300 dpi.
    • There is a new printer configuration setting called ScannerSize. Valid values are A2, A3, or A4. When set to A2, the ContexTarget*OverrideMm settings are applied.
      • In PrintFlat Create: The scanner size is optional. When set, the setting filters the available list of scanners in the scanner dropdown, to only scanners of the requested size.
      • In PrintFlat Inline: The scanner size is required. The value of the setting should be the same as the scanner selected in PrintFlat Create to make the original target TIFF files. Any deviation results in a poor calibration or a failure to process the printed and scanned targets.

Issues fixed

  • Switching to a non-default printer configuration would not update the scanner resolution used in target generation and calibration creation.

Version 2.2

Released September 2020

What's new

  • The name of the subscription being used is now shown in the UI.
  • If multiple subscription files are in use, the last used subscription is remembered. 

Issues fixed

  • Some targets were incorrectly cropped, where the gradient height was different to the calibration image length.
  • Calibrations for scanning head printers using multiple copies resulted in invalid calibration files.
  • Some scans with light colorants were incorrect, resulting in a "Bad Image for Prepare" error.
  • Opening a subscription file from the subscription folder resulted in a crash.

Version 2.1

Released June 2020

What's new

  • Added support for Cruse scanner workflows, including Cruse scan cutting and importing.
  • Updated scan UI to provide more details about processed and remaining scans.

Issues fixed

Version 2.0

Released February 2020

What's new

  • BREAKING CHANGE – new simplified licensing for PrintFlat Create application.
    • This release does not work with legacy PrintFlat Prepare licenses and requires a new license.
  • Partial calibration function added, for fast recalibration on change of a print head.
  • Broader support for integration into RIP workflows:
    • Customizable naming conventions for target images.
    • Empty separation generation.
    • Generic preview (thumbnail) files available.
  • Performance improvement when not generating intermediate files.
  • Support for Windows 7 ended.

Issues fixed

  • Added text wrapping to avoid text overlapping QR codes in narrow target images.
  • White area in target image fiducial band reset to pure white.

Version 1.3

Released January 2020

What's new

  • PrintFlat Prepare was renamed to PrintFlat Create.
  • UI was updated to a modern design.
  • Responsiveness and progress reporting were improved.
  • Targets are now cached to speed up subsequently calibrations.
  • Target files are significantly smaller in size due to an improved compression process.
  • Some wizard pages were removed where they are no longer necessary.
  • Support has been added for Targets up to 100,000 nozzles in width.
  • The target screen name can be set to configure the name of the output PFC file.
  • Unsupported scanners no longer show in the scanner selection UI.
  • The printer configuration dropdown no longer shows if there is only one configuration.
  • Cut lines have been made more obvious by using a dashed line.
  • The gamma setting for scanners can no longer be selected manually.

Note that when upgrading from an old PrintFlat Prepare version, manually move the printer configurations across to the new PrintFlat Create location, as the move does not happen automatically.

Issues fixed

  • Next button was not correctly enabled in some scenarios.
  • Activating the product no longer warns about a V2C file not being written.
  • Localization issues were fixed affecting locales that use commas as a decimal point.
  • Uninstalling no longer requires the original installer exe to be present.
  • Dark and light tone parameters are no longer rounded.


  • If the sample printer configuration is being used, old targets may not scan correctly with version 1.3 due to a change in the defaults. This results in a scan failing with "Bad Image for Prepare". Therefore, we recommend that you regenerate all targets with this release. (You are unaffected if you are using a custom printer configuration.)

Version 1.2

Released August 2019

What's new

  • PrintFlat Prepare can now be installed separately to ScreenPro as a result of licensing changes and the introduction of PrintFlat subscriptions.
  • PrintFlat can now be utilized by all ScreenPro products, including Core and Direct.
  • Calibration generation for multi-pass printers (Scanning print heads).
  • Contex A2 Scanner now fully supported (up to 600 dpi).
  • PDF Target generation support.
  • Linearization generation support.
  • Edge nozzle cropping and edge nozzle substitution when generating a calibration.
  • Light and dark tone levels can now be adjusted.
  • PrintFlat now comes with configurable logging.
  • Target generation can now be skipped.
  • Scanner size and output page type can now be overridden.

Issues fixed

  • Improved scanning error detection.
  • Improved computer locale support.

Version 1.1

Released April 2019

What's new

  • Added support for Epson Expression 1200XL A3 Scanner with Gamma override.
  • Added experimental support for Nextimage 5.1.3 - 32bit A2 Scanner.
  • Support for non-square aspect ratio systems (Different X Y resolution dpi).
  • Large Tiff support for larger press widths.
  • Full PrintFlat Prepare workflow can be completed from within the wizard.
  • Additional customization now available for the target QR code to aid with readability:
    • Density level
    • Color

Version 1.0

Released February 2019

What's new

  • GUI Wizard application to guide through the preparation stage of the PrintFlat workflow
  • Full target generation for single or multi-column presses.
  • Support for multiple colorants and copies.
  • Semi-automated scanning process with scan analysis and feedback.
  • JSON Configuration allows configuration for any press.

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