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Scanning error

When scanning the printed target images, sometimes a scan error occurs; to resolve the error, check and correct the position of the target on the scanner bed. Refer to the scanner bed's guide marks for the correct positioning.

Contex IQ FLEX (A2) scanner is not working

Always ensure your Contex scanner is awake before scanning with PrintFlat Create.

To wake the scanner, tap the touchscreen.

You can check that your Contex scanner is awake and ready using the WIDEsystem application; see the following image:

Contex IQ FLEX (A2) scanner is slow to start scanning

If a significant delay occurs after pressing Scan and before starting scanning, the scanner driver may be searching for multiple Contex scanners.

To check if you have multiple Contex scanners installed, open the WIDEsystem application, go to the Network tab, and press Remove.

If more than one scanner is listed, remove all scanners other than the one in use to eliminate the delay in starting scanning.

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