Created Date: 07 Oct, 2020 11:13
Last Modifed Date: 29 Nov, 2021 14:48

Harlequin Direct is a command-line application for Windows 10, CentOS and Ubuntu that uses the Harlequin Scalable RIP and ScreenPro to process PDFs at press speed to output directly to your print head electronics, without storing any intermediate image files on disk. It offers configurability, extensibility and scalability through its configuration files, plugin-based architecture and a very flexible pipeline.

Harlequin Direct can be driven either by the Harlequin Direct API, as implemented by our Press Operator Controller and Direct Benchmark applications, or a simple socket-based interface, which is primarily for debugging but also very useful during setup.

This User Guide is designed to show you how to get started and take advantage of Harlequin Direct's configurability, scalability and extensibility.