Created Date: 08 Nov, 2021 12:57
Last Modifed Date: 18 Jan, 2022 09:55

In ScreenPro Direct, by default, we use ports 999X for our CommandSocketPort and StatusSocketPort sockets. 

However, sometimes an issue can occur where ScreenPro Direct cannot connect to these ports because another application is already using them.

To resolve this, change the port number in the ScreenPro Direct configuration file. To do this:

  1. Open the .json config file and locate the socket section.
  2. Change the ports. We highly recommend that you change all the ports so that they are one after another. For example, the CommandSocketPort could be 9958 and the StatusSocketPort could be 9957.
  3. Save the file and start ScreenPro Direct again.

If you require further assistance, please raise a Support Request in the usual way.