Created Date: 07 Oct, 2020 11:13
Last Modifed Date: 29 Nov, 2021 14:48

Pipeline logging

When PipelineLogging is set to 1 in your config file, the current state of ScreenPro Direct's pipeline is printed to the screen as a single line of text twice per second.

Within that line, for each plugin, the name of the plugin, the number of items in its queue, and the average throughput for the run in MB/s (separated by a colon) is displayed.

For a five-stage pipeline outputting to Tiff, you can expect to see several lines like the following until the first image is received:

PreloadPlugin:0:0 InputPlugin:0:0 ScreeningPlugin:0:0 PackPlugin:0:0 TiffOutputPlugin:0:0

Once there are rasters in the pipeline being processed by each plugin, you might see something like this:

PreloadPlugin:1:4512 InputPlugin:6:1337 ScreeningPlugin:2:1330 PackPlugin:2:165 TiffOutputPlugin:0:164

In the example above:

  • The Preload Plugin has one item in its queue and has managed 4512 MB/s since the run began.
  • The Input Plugin has six items in its queue and has processed 1337 MB/s on average so far.
  • The Screening Plugin has two items in its queue, and so on.