Created Date: 26 Aug, 2022 15:02
Last Modifed Date: 26 Aug, 2022 16:38


This release is an update to Mako 6.6.0, the need for which was primarily driven by the requirements for other Global Graphics’ developments. It has undergone a complete release testing cycle, and as such is made available to Mako OEMs.

New and improved features


Regression: Intermittent noise in an image when converting to PostScript

This appears to be a regression triggered by support for Flate predictors, a performance enhancement introduced in Mako 6.6.0. It can occur in the context of rendering a page, or part thereof. A result of the issue can be seen here – it causes noise in the first few scanlines of an image:

While the problem can be avoided in Mako 6.6.0 by setting the environment variable JM_USE_INTERPRETER_FOR_FLATE=true, we recommend deploying Mako 6.6.1.


MAKOSUP-11052 Missing include of <edl/idompath.h> in idomcharpathgroup.h

Noticed by an eagle-eyed customer. Now fixed.