Created Date: 27 Nov, 2020 09:44
Last Modifed Date: 03 Feb, 2023 09:52


IPDFOutput supports several presets that control how the PDF is written. Presets apply a number of parameters (see Output parameters (PDF)) in one operation.

IPDFOutputPtr output = IPDFOutput::create(jawsMako);
IPDFOutput output = IPDFOutput.create(jawsMako);

The sample makoconverter allows you to experiment with these presets by adding them to the command line; for example:

makoconverter MyInput.pdf MyOutput.pdf preset=PDF/X-4

The following presets are supported:


Attempts to produce output as close as possible to the format of the input.


Configures the output for PDF 1.3. In addition to setting the output version, this also causes all objects to be color converted to DeviceRGB, but this may be overridden with setTargetSpace().


A general-purpose PDF output for general document exchange and viewing. PDF 1.7, RGB.


A higher quality/larger file size for print purposes. Uses PDF 1.4 for wide support.


A general-purpose PDF output for distributing documents online. PDF 1.7, RGB.


A preset for generating PDF/A-1b, RGB, with sensible defaults for resolution and downsampling.

PDF/A-2bA preset for generating PDF/A-2b, RGB, with sensible defaults for resolution and downsampling. It extends the capabilities of PDF/A-1 and is based on PDF version 1.7.
PDF/A-2uA preset for generating PDF/A-2u, RGB, with sensible defaults for resolution and downsampling. It guarantees that all text has a Unicode code point to ensure valid copying of text.
PDF/A-3bPDF/A-3 is virtually identical to PDF/A-2. The only difference is that PDF/A-3 permits any file type as an attachment, whereas PDF/A-2 allows only other PDF/A-2 files.
PDF/X-1aA preset for generating PDF/X-1a, CMYK (SWOP) with everything converted to CMYK.
PDF/X-4A preset for generating PDF/X-4, CMYK (SWOP) with sensible defaults. PDF/X-4 allows for complete exchange for both color-managed and CMYK workflows and is based on PDF version 1.6. Permits transparency.