Created Date: 20 Sep, 2022 12:06
Last Modifed Date: 09 Jan, 2023 16:22

Edit an existing project

From the Welcome screen, select either a Recent Project or Open an existing Project. You can then open an existing project (.mrp file) and make changes (for example, reprint charts, and change measurement data).

Create a new Project

Choose Create a new Project.

Smart Media Manager (SMM) communicates with Smart Print Controller (SPC) and loads the active Printer Profile and Smart Media Definition (SMD).


Media Definition

You are informed that your Printer Profile has loaded and the Media Definition tab of the Setup Pane displays:

Profile NameThis is set in the Printer Profile Definition and is read only.
ManufacturerThis is set in the Printer Profile Definition and is read only.
ModelThis is set in the Printer Profile Definition and is read only.
Media NameThis is free text to enter a name for your media.
Backing ColorOnly White is supported at this time.
Media Width

The Printer Profile dictates the options.

Total Area CoverageThis allows you to choose from a list of available Total Area coverage (TAC) profiles, TAC can be done either via Limit or Scale each having their own pros and cons. This feature is currently only available to CMYK printers. 
Print Bar GroupsFor each colorant, you can choose the Screen, Output Bits Per Pixel, and Resolution.

Aside from these settings, there are two buttons on the Media Definition tab:

  1. Add and Remove Screens allows you to manage the screens that you can select. By default, SMM includes up to 15-drop levels for our Mirror, Pearl, and Opal Advanced Inkjet Screens (AIS).
  2. Export Default Media allows you to create an SMD with the settings you select (without performing any press characterization steps). You can then add the SMD into SPC for printing.


After choosing your Media Definition preferences, navigate to the General tab of the Setup Pane to set how your test charts are generated and define measurement settings.

  • Target Dimensions - controls the size of test charts.
  • Measurement - select your Scanning Device and set your Dot Gain preferences. 
  • Units - choose between Inches or Millimeters.


Once you are satisfied with your settings, you can start the Characterization process using the Characterization Pane.

Before proceeding, ensure that you enable Enable External Control in SPC.