Created Date: 19 Apr, 2023 18:52
Last Modifed Date: 19 Apr, 2023 18:52

New Features

* Integrated Harlequin Direct (Direct_2022_09_30_RC3)
* Support for overriding colors and supplying tone curve adjustments
* Total Area Coverage support for CMYK via ICC profiles from ColorLogic
* Advanced Page Selection within the Job Editor
* Color replacement using Pantone libraries within the Job Editor
* Enforce PDF/X and adjust smoothness setting to avoid banding
* Ability to toggle iHVD and set the chunk size in SPC settings
* OPC endpoint address and port are now shown when the server is enabled
* Unit viewing option for "Metric" or "Feet and Inches" in Setup->General
* Support for printing RGB/CMYK TIFF files
* Waiting Queue now shows a warning if the Hot Folder disk is nearly full
* Support Packages now include all SMD files and the printer 
* Full support for duplex printing where Side B uses the media settings for Side A
* Add support for .icm profiles for source and output
* Added an auto-delete capability for the Completed Queue
* Introduced additional conditions for detecting incompatible print settings
* Added support for TIFF file naming according to a format specifier
* Loading a PCC file now updates available media to only be those that were loaded
* Jobs can now be renamed when being duplicated from the Waiting Queue
* The Engineer Settings tab has been reorganized
* Ensure all SPC strings have Japanese and Chinese translations

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a bug where log files used the 12-hour clock in the filename when it should be 24 hour
* Fixed a bug where the job progress for Rip Ahead mode was showing separations rather than pages
* Fixed a bug where the remote printer was not printing jobs when non-embedded fonts despite having the relevant setting enabled
* Fixed a bug where a job summary page was not output with a duplex printer profile
* Fixed a bug where scaling was not applied correctly in some cases
* Fixed a bug where Streamline Analysis could cause a crash if the relevant model was not available