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Version 2.1.11 smart_dfe, sdfe-runtask

Introduction of a disk monitor


You can now see the available space on the main install disk in all the main screens:

Retaining the settings on the new job creation screen


By default, the new job screen takes the settings from how Smart Print Controller (SPC) is configured. This feature is still in place but an added New Job (manual) window retains the settings and overrides the current SPC setup.


The old window is now called New Job (current settings).

These two windows are basically the same, except that New Job (manual) retains all the settings that were previously used (regardless of the current SPC setup). You can load multiple jobs in succession using the same parameters, which prevents the printer from entering up to 25 different options each time. The database retains this data, which is available following a restart.

Able to specify the output filename with a new imposition job (at run time)


This is now possible using the New Job (manual) window:

which contains an additional field called New Name.

Default "-"  The original names of the files are used; if this is changed, new files are renamed. 

If Sequential naming is switched on:

  • The first PDF appears exactly as it was designated in the New Name field. 
  • The remaining files are uniquely named by adding a sequential number to the end of the new filename.

Protrusion constraint based on printer's maximum size


There is no constraint of the specified paper size (width and height) for the printer's specification,

The reasons for the change are:

  • This was originally detected using the printrun.config file, which takes the cue mark interval as the height and the width setting as the width; it is NOT the machine's maximum page size.
  • This information was used to preset the page's size, as previous fixes evolved around the printer needing to get jobs prepared while the printer may be running in a different mode; the change addresses this issue.
  • The previous protrusion detection occurred at page level (and not imposition level) and didn't include a minimum print size.

As the printrun.config file is currently configured by SPC, it does not contain all the information about the Max/Min sizes. This information now resides within FundamentalsCustom.json. For example: 

{ "PrintSizeH": { "max":  1371, "min":  101 }, "PrintSizeV": { "max":  600, "min":  101 }}

The OEM can set this up to suit the machine the SmartDFE is being installed on. without having to manage several custom builds.  

If the file of the information is not present in the file, Smart Workflow defaults to a maximum size of 3000 mm and a minimum size of 0 mm in both directions. This information is set a maximum entry point in the send new job GUI.

There is a function if it is set to 0 mm x 0 mm. The system automatically calculates page size based on the file submitted after the imposition.

The original plan was to set the maximum and minimum values you could enter into this field from the machine settings, this has been done for the maximum. However, for the minimum this could not be done as it will stop you entering 0mm if you wanted to automatically create the size based on the PDF Content.

A new protrusion detect system is based on the maximum and minimum settings.

Simplex/Duplex settings are complicated and productivity


This change is primarily because the settings were automatically dictated by SPC setup. If the machine had the capability of multiple configurations, you had to change SPC before you prepared a job.

It is now possible to choose the mode and set up a job for SPC while SPC is running a job in a different mode. 

The mode that the job was intended for is written into the <<filename>>.complete file so SPC can filter based on its configurations.


  • Localizations are available (mainly in Japanese).
  • Use the following options to add key job references to jobs at run times:
    • Job ID
    • Job Part ID
    • Job Project
  • Move Color Book location to PP_FILE_STORE/Resources.