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%config% device parameters

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP.

The device %config% is present in all versions of the RIP. This device operates as a source of PostScript-language fragments in the server loop which identifies the actual devices and files from which print jobs are to be run; its parameters vary from version to version. The %config% device has a number of parameters which may occasionally be useful:

ConfigDebug (%config% device)


If set to true, this causes the PostScript being emitted by the %config% device to be printed first in the monitor window. This can be useful on occasions when the enigmatic message “error in config file” is encountered. This is only implemented in the HMR %config% device, but a Core implementation could add it.

ConfigJobFailed (%config% device)


This is set by the server loop if a job fails (if a PostScript error is not caught by a stopped operator within the job, or if the job is interrupted or times out). Use this parameter to communicate the failure to the source of the job so that appropriate action can be taken: for example, the spool folder moves the spooled file into a safe directory when this occurs. If a Core implementation supports this parameter on its %config% device, it too receives this information.

appletalktype, printername, jobstate, and jobname (%config% device)

all strings

These are set as side effects of various procedures, such as setprintername and setprinterstate in statusdict: see statusdict printer procedures. You can also set the strings explicitly, but remember that a job may then cause them to be overwritten again. (The strings are made available to input plugins of HMR in the SWStatus structure of the ChannelContext structure.) If a Core implementation supports these parameters on its %config% device, it too receives the strings. jobstate is used to indicate what the RIP is doing: it sets it to idle (no interpretation in progress), busy (interpreting)and printing (during showpage). jobname is derived from the string jobname in statusdict and the user parameter JobName.

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