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This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core


Parameter: devGetPluginMediaSizeParam * mediaSizeParam

Note: This selector was introduced at plugin API version 18.4, First released with version 6.0 of the RIP.

This selector allows the plugin to declare a single list of named media sizes per device to be offered within the Page Layout dialog.

If the plugin implements this selector, the RIP calls D_GETMEDIASIZE repeatedly during startup to get each of the available media sizes until the “found” field of the devGetPluginMediaSizeParam is set to zero.

The named list of media sizes appears as a list on the Page Layout dialog, invoked from either the page setup dialog, or from the Info option in the Output Controller. The plugin should not include an entry for Other , the RIP will append this automatically.

If the plugin does not support this selector, or if the list is empty, that is, if “found” is zero on the return from the first call, the list of named media sizes does not appear on the Page Layout dialog.

The parameter passed with the selector is described below.

    typedef struct devGetPluginMediaSizeParam
      int32 index ;
      /* in: RIP increments from 0 for each successive format */ int32 found ;
      /* out: set to TRUE by plugin if returning another format */ PluginMediaSize mediaSize ;
      /* out: plugin fills in with next supported format (if any) */
    }devGetPluginMediaSizeParam ;

The PluginMediaSize structure is defined as follows:

    typedef struct PluginMediaSize
      uint8 atbzName[32] ; uint8 atbzUnits[32] ; float rWidth ;
  float rLength ;
  }PluginMediaSize ;


atbzName is the name of the media size, for example: “ISO A4”.


atbzUnits is the name of the measurement unit in which rWidth and rLength are defined.

The permissible names for units of measurement are determined by the SW/Config/UnitsInfo file (For more information see the Harlequin Technical Note HQN014 ), but should always include:

  • inches or in
  • points or pt
  • millimeters or mm
  • centimeters or cm
  • meters or m
  • feet or ft

Note: The unit name will be localized in the page setup dialog, so the American spelling of metre/meter is required.

If the device's fpSetterWidth and fpSetterHeight are non‐zero, supporting this selector does not preclude the user entering other values in the media width or height fields. It merely provides a set of predefined, named sizes.

If the media width or height are manually set to values which do not closely match any of the named values, the selection in the media size list gets set to the word Other .

The name of any chosen media size does not yet get passed to the plugin when outputting a page. The plugin must currently act only upon the values provided in the mediaWidth and mediaHeight

members of the pageHeader structure. For more information see The pageHeader structure .

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