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GGS001 - Harlequin and ScreenPro LDK Ordering

Technical Note GGS001: Harlequin and ScreenPro LDK Ordering

October 28, 2019

1 Introduction
2 What is LDK?
3 What is the Harlequin and ScreenPro LDK ordering website?
3.1 Online ordering
3.2 Access levels
3.3 LDK license types
3.3.1 Soft-lock type
3.3.2 VM-lock type
3.3.3 Hard-lock type
4 Login
4.1 Logging in
5 Buying a new RIP license
5.1 Activating your Product Key
6 Enhancing your existing RIP
7 Extending a Time-Limited RIP license
8 Buying a standalone product
9 Enhancing ScreenPro
10 Moving from HLS to LDK
10.1 Upload .superpro file walkthrough
10.2 HLS to LDK walkthrough with dongle security and serial numbers
10.3 Dongle return
11 Your orders
12 Disabled dongles
13 Checking your LDK Product or Protection Keys
14 Replacing a license following a hardware failure


This document details the main tasks you will use within the Harlequin and ScreenPro LDK Ordering System.

What is LDK?

LDK is the system used by Global Graphics to manage copy protection for Harlequin RIPs, ScreenPro and other products. If you're using a product protected using LDK you will need to order Product Keys that can be activated to enable a product to run.
A Product Key is a string generated by the ordering system at Global Graphics and supplied to you for use in activating an LDK license or an addition to an LDK license. It is comparable to the "activation code" or "serial number" used in activation processes for many other common computer operating systems and applications.
Delivering the Product Key is equivalent to delivering the license.
A Product Key always contains 36 characters and hyphens. For example:
When a user activates a Product Key for a new SL license it creates a new Protection Key on their machine. The Protection Key can be thought of as a container for the features in the license.
Once activated, each activation can be identified using a Protection Key ID. The length of the Protection Key ID varies, but is shorter than 36 characters, and contains no hyphens. For example:

What is the Harlequin and ScreenPro LDK ordering website?

This section provides a brief description of the LDK ordering website for Harlequin RIPs and ScreenPro.

Online ordering

The ordering system is based on a product catalog that is created for each customer. When you have agreed with GGSL what products should be available to you and you have nominated who should have access to the online Harlequin LDK ordering system you will have a 24/7 facility for placing all LDK license orders.
If you do not already have access to the system, please contact your account manager to obtain access.
The ordering system is a web browser-based application. You will be provided with a user name and password for each of the staff you nominate to have access. The ordering process is designed to be as intuitive as possible, but GGSL can offer training to your staff by webinar.
The electronic delivery of activation codes for licenses, combined with ordering from the GGSL online system, allows almost instantaneous delivery 24/7, and allows a just-in time ordering process, with no, or at least minimal, inventory being held by you or by your distribution channel.
The system allows you to view and search your orders. You can search for your orders and view details of licenses by entering a Product Key or Protection Key.

Access levels

The Harlequin and ScreenPro LDK ordering system uses role-based security; each user of the system may have one or more roles.

Access Level

Grants the right to


Submit new orders. You must ensure that all of your staff with "Orderer" status have the right to place orders on your behalf.


View and search your orders.


View the details of any specific license by entering a Product Key or Protection Key ID.

Emergency Licenses

Order a small subset of time-limited products.

Emergency Replacement

Order a replacement license for an existing license preserving the security number and other license conditions (for example, in the event of a hardware failure).


Return orders subject to GGSL's Returns Policy.

LDK license types

The licensing system can be used to produce different types of license, each suited to a particular type of use.

Soft-lock type

This kind of license must be activated on a physical computer. Once activated it is tied to the computer but can be transferred to another computer using the process described in the Harlequin FAQ.
Note: Soft-locks cannot be used on a virtual machine.

VM-lock type

This kind of license can be activated within a VM or a physical computer. Once activated the license cannot be transferred from the VM (or PC) to another. The licensing system is sensitive to attempts to clone the virtual machine.

Hard-lock type

This license can be used to program a USB hardware dongle. The license can be used on one computer at a time but because it is tied to the dongle the license moves with the dongle rather than any host computer.
Note: The price for a hard-lock license does not include the cost of the dongle.
It is intended that all production soft-lock, VM-lock licenses will be fulfilled almost instantaneously. If you hold stock of dongles, you will be able to program them immediately with Product Keys generated by the ordering system.


Logging in

To begin visit with your web browser and login in with the credentials provided to you by GGSL.

Figure 4.1 The login page

After you successfully login your home page will be displayed. There are some consistent features that you will see throughout the application. Every page will have the same navigation along the top of the page. Click Home to return to the home page and Log Out to finish using the ordering system.

Figure 4.2 Home and Log Out

The ordering system features a navigation panel on the left-hand side of the page, which highlights the page you are visiting. Some of the navigation elements will only be visible if you have a specific role.
This document describes the navigation elements.

Figure 4.3 The navigation panel

Buying a new RIP license

Note: This option is available to those authorized by you to place orders and have the Orderer role.
The page allows authorized users to buy RIP licenses and license options and plugins.

  1. Click the Buy a RIP link in the navigation panel and the page will display.
  2. When you use the Buy a RIP page, you can use a filter to change or narrow down the list of available RIPs. When the page loads, the filter is set to All and the complete list of RIPs is displayed.
    Figure 5.1 Buying a RIP (when the page loads)
  3. You can select the combo box and choose from All (the default), Demo and Time Limited, or Production categories; your selection will affect the list of RIPs in the lower combo box. Customers who have long product lists can use the filtering combo box to narrow their potential selections.

Figure 5.2 Part No. options drop-down list (displayed)

  1. Add an order reference, a line reference (or both) and select a RIP option from the Part No. drop-down list. The RIP version field might include just the most recent version (typically for demo products) or a small selection of values.

  1. Check that the Version, Concurrency, Activation and Quantity values are correct. Some products are defined in such a way that none of these values can be altered. Other products allow you to configure the values according to your needs.
    1. The activation count defines the number of computers that the license can be activated on. A Product Key with multiple activations can be activated on one or more computers and each activation results in a different Protection Key ID. The concurrency of a license defines the number of instances of a product that can obtain a license to run from each activation. The maximum number of a product that can be run from a single RIP license is therefore the product of the activation count, multiplied by the concurrency.
    2. Quantity is effectively the number of Product Keys.

  1. As you order your RIP you can order additional plugins, layered options, and collections of products in bundles. To add further options click Add Option and select an item from the Options dropdown list. Options that are already included with your RIP will not be shown on the list.
  2. If you have added an option in error, click the Delete button next to the option or change the selected value.
  3. To add more RIPs to your order, use the Add Line button; use the Delete Line button to remove order lines that are not required.
  4. When you have completed this page select Next to continue or Cancel Order to abandon.
  5. The "Review Order" page is displayed:

Figure 5.3 The Buy a New RIP "Review Order" page

  1. Review your order. Use the Edit Order button to modify the order or click the Place Order button to submit it.

  2. The page will extend to display more information similar to the following example:

    Figure 5.4 Details of your order expanded

  3. Click "Place Order" to submit your order.

Note: The time it takes to process your order will vary with the complexity of the products you choose. If an error occurs while processing it will be displayed on the page. However, in normal circumstances the page will update having created entitlements for the items you ordered.

Figure 5.5 The order has been processed and results displayed

This page provides you with details of the Product Key for each item in your order, a summary of what you ordered and a link to a CSV file containing details of the order. You will also receive a copy of this file by e-mail. If you would like copies of this e- mail sent to other addresses (such as a group), please inform GGSL.

Activating your Product Key

Note: You must activate your Product Key before you can add more options or use the Harlequin RIP.
The Harlequin RIP ships with an executable with a user interface (LDKTOOL) and a command-line tool (LDKUtil), which can be used to activate the Product Key.
Instructions detailing how to use the LDK Tool are supplied with the tool. For more information see the page entitled: Technical Note Hqn091: 

Enhancing your existing RIP

Enhancing your existing RIP means to add layered options, bundles, plugins or extensions to a RIP you are already running.
Note: This option is available with the Orderer role.

  1. Choose Enhance a RIP from the Ordering panel at the left side of the page. This displays the Supply Key page:

    Figure 6.1 The Supply Key page

  2. Add your reference for this order.
  3. The key you would use for this page could be your original Product Key for your RIP, any key that you've previously acquired through enhancing or your Protection Key ID. For an explanation of LDK keys see the LDK FAQ document. !worddav55f60a72926e9e015c8bb18b052b7111.png|height=195,width=491!Figure 6.2 Entering your Protection Key ID or your Product Key.

  1. Click Next. The system will retrieve the details of your RIP and any enhancements you have made previously and create a list of appropriate enhancement products for your RIP.

    Figure 6.3 Details of the RIP have been retrieved; options can be selected

  2. If you wish you can add an additional comment on each line of your order.
  3. To add additional options, click the Add Option button; please ensure you select an option before adding another.
  4. Click the Add Key to add another order line.

    Figure 6.4 Additional Options have been added.

  5. When your order is complete click Next to display the Order Review page.

    Figure 6.5 Your order summary

  6. Click the +Detail button to display more information about the products you've chosen. This is particularly useful if you've selected a bundle as the +Detail button will expand the bundle into individual part numbers. Click -Detail to hide the additional information.
  7. Use the Edit Order button to amend the order; click Place Order to submit your order which will complete by displaying the Order Confirmation page. Your Product Key or keys will be displayed; a link to the CSV file which also contains details of your order is included. A copy of the CSV file is also e-mailed to you. Note: After you generate a key, activate it. !worddavdb2b8587ea1e0148f67bfa9ac2460484.png|height=340,width=449!Figure 6.6 The Order Confirmation page with fulfilment details

Extending a Time-Limited RIP license

If you have purchased a time limited-RIP it may be possible to use the Extend a Time Limited RIP option to extend the duration of its license. Not all Time Limited licenses can be extended in this way; currently a limited number of RIPs designed for leasing have been made available. If you follow this process, the LDK Ordering System will inform you if your RIP can be extended or not; alternatively, refer to your contract.

  1. To get started, select the Extend a Time Limited RIP link in the Ordering panel.

Figure 7.1 Extend a Time Limited RIP

Note: This option is only available to those persons authorized to place orders. You will need a Protection Key ID to use this feature. To continue enter a reference for this order and your Protection Key ID, and then click Next.

Figure 7.2 Your order reference and Protection Key ID

  1. Your Protection Key details are retrieved from the licensing server along with the details of the RIP and its related products:

Figure 7.3 The Review Items page

  1. Select an extension period from the drop-down list; your order total will be recalculated.

  1. Select Next to continue or Cancel to return to step 2.

    Figure 7.4 The Review Order page

    Your order is summarized on this page.

  2. If you want to change the extension period, click the Edit button to return to the previous page. Selecting Cancel will return you to the start. Click the Place Order button to submit your order and generate the extension for your existing time limited license.
  3. Your Product Key and order number is displayed along with details of your new expiry date. A CSV file containing your Product Key and the order details can be downloaded from the page using the Download CSV file link.

    Figure 7.5 Your Product Key and new expiry dates

    A copy of the file will be e-mailed to you.

    Figure 7.6 Your order details will be emailed to you

    Buying a standalone product

    Some Global Graphics software products (such as ScreenPro and SetGold) can be used without a RIP; the Buying a Standalone product option allows you to purchase products such as these.

    Figure 8.1 The Buy a Standalone product
  4. To get started select the Buy a Standalone product option in the Ordering panel.

    Note: This option is granted by the Ordering role.

    Figure 8.2 The Buy a Standalone product page

  5. To continue enter your reference for this order and select a product from the drop-down menu.
  6. Not all products allow concurrency and activations values to be changed but quantity, which is the number of licenses and Product Keys, is almost always editable.

Note: Concurrency and activations are normally fixed values for ScreenPro and SetGold; these values are not user editable.

Figure 8.3 The completed order form
When you are ready to place your order click the Place Order button. The order will be processed and one or more Product Keys generated. Your order number, product key and link for a CSV (Comma-separated Values) file summary of your order will be displayed. You will also receive an e-mail with details of your order including a CSV file with your Product Key(s).
Figure 8.4 Summary for your order

Enhancing ScreenPro

You can enhance ScreenPro in a variety of ways. You might want to increase the number of Screeners or add a product like PrintFlat. If you have Orderer access, the Enhance ScreenPro link will be displayed in the navigation panel:

Figure 9.1 Enhance ScreenPro link

  1. Click Enhance ScreenPro.

Figure 9.2 Supply a Product Key or a Protection Key ID; supply an order reference

  1. You will need your ScreenPro Product Key or your Protection Key ID and an order reference. In the following image a customer has supplied a Protection Key ID and clicked Next.

  1. Details of the customer's existing license are displayed. In the section labeled Things you can order, products that are compatible with ScreenPro are displayed:

Figure 9.3 A Protection Key ID has been supplied and compatible products are available to order.
Note: If you supply a Product Key the ordering system displays the contents of activated products in the Protection Key ID (and not just the Product Key).

  1. The following image shows available products for the customer's current license. To add another product, click the Add another button.

Figure 9.4 Orderable products (the list may vary)
Note: You must select at least one product before you can place the order.

Figure 9.5 A product has been selected and the Review Order button is available

  1. To progress the order, click the Review Order button; to cancel and return to the beginning of the process, click the Cancel Order button.

Figure 9.6 The Review Order screen

  1. The Review Order screen provides a summary of your order. From here click the Cancel Order button to cancel your order, click Edit Order to resume editing it, or click Place Order to submit it.

Figure 9.7 Order placed, Product Key delivered

  1. You will also receive an email with an attachment containing details of your order:

Figure 9.8 Details of your order will be emailed to you Note: After you generate a key, activate it.

Moving from HLS to LDK

The ordering system provides a facility for transitioning Harlequin Server RIP or MultiRIP licenses using HLS security to LDK security. These are relevant for moving from a license for version 10 or earlier, to a license for version 10 or later (version 10 can be used with both security systems).
The upgrade path in the ordering system is not applicable for any system using HLS permit files (usually used when more than one RIP is used on a single computer). Please contact GGSL Sales-Admin if you wish to upgrade such a license.
There are two methods for providing GGSL with enough information to generate an LDK license from your existing HLS license:

  1. If you are moving a Harlequin Server RIP or MultiRIP from HLS to LDK, GGSL recommends that you use the GetDongleInfo tool, which is available when you install a new RIP. (See <installation folder>\ldk\getdongleinfo.exe.) Use GetDongleInfo to generate a .superpro file and then upload the file to us. See "Upload .superpro file walkthrough" below.
  2. If, for some reason you cannot use GetDongleInfo, you should use your dongle serial and security numbers following the "Have Dongle walkthrough".

Upload .superpro file walkthrough

  1. Choose the HLS to LDK link from the Ordering panel to display the following page:

Figure 10.1 The HLS to LDK Home page

  1. Click the Select File button to open a File Explorer window, then navigate to your .superpro file:

Figure 10.2 Navigate to your .superpro file
Note: Before generating the .superpro file, all of the passwords that they are entitled to must be installed.

  1. Select the .superpro file and click Open. The system reads the contents of the file and tries to match the HLS products to LDK equivalents.

Figure 10.3 RIP details extracted from the .superpro file
Note: It is not always possible to map an HLS product to an LDK product (for example where a product has no LDK equivalent). The ordering system will tell you about any products that cannot be transitioned.

  1. You can add options to your new LDK license as you transition. In the following picture we've uploaded a .superpro file and used the Add Option button to choose a new bundle.

Figure 10.4 Adding options as you transition to LDK

  1. To progress the order click Next; the Review Order page will be displayed:

Figure 10.5 The Review Order screen

  1. Click the +Detail to view more information about the order and then use the -Detail option to hide the additional information (see Figure 12.5).

  1. Click Edit Order to change your order; otherwise, if the order is correct select Place Order.

  1. Your order is processed and your Product Key(s) and the RMA number for your Dongle return is displayed. A CSV file containing the order details can be downloaded from this page using the Download CSV file option, and a copy is e-mailed to you.

Figure 10.6 A RIP with additional simple imposition and TrapPro option

HLS to LDK walkthrough with dongle security and serial numbers

Use the following procedure if you are moving a Harlequin Server RIP or MultiRIP from HLS to LDK and you have been unable to generate a .superpro file for your Harlequin Host Renderer or MultiRIP.

  1. Choose the HLS to LDK link from the Ordering panel to display the following page:

Figure 10.7 HLS to LDK home page

Figure 10.8 Dongle serial and security numbers

  1. Click Have Dongle.
  2. Enter the serial and security numbers from your dongle and click Next. The system attempts to match the dongle information against the records held by GGSL. It then returns the details about your RIP's capabilities and any options or companion products associated with your RIP.

Figure 10.9 Selecting a RIP
Note: If your RIP is not recognized and you have correctly entered the serial and security number, as shown on your dongle or displayed in the RIP user interface, please email the GGSL Sales-Administrator.
Note: If the system successfully matches your entered combination of serial and security number, it is important that you note and compare the information from the records with what you know about your RIP.
If the system does not report the options that you are entitled to on this page they will not be included in your new license.
Similarly, the products offered to you on this page are based on the capabilities of your RIP according (but not limited) to such criteria as the resolution, version and whether or not it is a full RIP.
Note: The Choose a RIP page (above) shows an LDK RIP and an added option (ColorPro). No options are included in the original (HLS) license.

  1. Click Next.

Figure 10.10 Reviewing your order

  1. Click +Detail to view more information about the order and then use the -Detail option to close the Detail window (see Figure 12.10 for an example).

  1. Use the Edit Order button to change you order. Otherwise, if your order is correct use the Place Order button. When the order processing is complete the following page is displayed:

Figure 10.11 Your Product Key and order summary
The page includes a link to a CSV file which you can download and includes details of your deliverables.
The displayed Product Key represents the LDK license you have moved to. The RIP serial number is preserved and displayed along with any options bundled with your chosen RIP and any options you subsequently added.
When you activate this key, you can confirm that the RIP has been correctly moved from HLS to LDK security by reviewing the license using the LDK Tool, included with any LDK capable RIP software.

Figure 10.12 Your new LDK license

Dongle return

For information about dongle return see Disabled dongles.

Your orders

  1. To view the details of the order, click the link in the first column (Order no). Information such as Product Keys, your reference, serial numbers and what you ordered is available.

Figure 11.1 Order detail for Order Number 314501
Your previously placed orders are available when you select the Your Orders link from the navigation panel.
You can select to view a list of 10 or more orders per page. You can sort the orders by order number, date, who placed the order and the reference you gave. Additionally, you can search your orders for occurrences of text you enter in the search box.

Figure 11.2 The Your Orders view

Disabled dongles

Depending on your contract, GGSL may require you to return your dongle after you transition your license to LDK. You should have been given an RMA (Return Material Authorization) when the license is successfully transitioned. Please include the RMA number in the returns package.
Alternatively, it may be possible for you to use the DisableDongle tool. This is a software program that allows you to de-program the dongle in-place. It creates a certificate file as evidence that the dongle has been de-programmed; this file can be uploaded to Global Graphics in lieu of the physical dongle. Once a dongle has been deprogrammed, it cannot be used to enable a RIP to run. For more information on DisableDongle see the LDK FAQ documents or Technical Note Hqn091: LDK tools and utilities.
Uploading your disabled dongle certificate

Figure 12.1 Disabled Dongle link in the navigation]

  1. Click the Disabled Dongle option from the navigation; a new page will load.

Figure 12.2 Disable Dongle page

  1. Click the Select File button; this allows you to select the .txt file created with the Disable Dongle Tool. A file dialog is displayed that you can you use to navigate to your certificate.

    Figure 12.3 Select the .txt file created with the Disabled Dongle Tool

    3. Select the file and click Open.
    If the certificate is acceptable a summary is provided that confirms your valid certificate has been uploaded:

    Figure 12.4 Valid disabled dongle certificate uploaded.

    In addition, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of the file:

    Figure 12.5 E-mail confirmation of disabled dongle certificate upload

    The e-mail contains a spreadsheet that provides details of the dongle (that is, when it was destroyed and by whom).

    Figure 12.6 Disabled dongle certificate summary (spreadsheet attachment)

    This completes the process.
    Note: If GGSL is not aware of the dongle or if the certificate is not valid, you will be notified after the file is uploaded.
    If the dongle has already been marked as destroyed, the ordering system will respond with:

    Figure 12.7 The dongle is already disabled

    Checking your LDK Product or Protection Keys

    This section describes how you can get detailed information about your Product Key or Protection Key ID using the Check a Key page.
    Note:Only users with the support role have access to the Check a Key utility.
    If you use a Product Key, the Check a Key page provides information about any Protection Keys relating to that Product Key.
    Note:Product Keys that have been activated create or update Protection Keys.
    1. Select the Check a Key link; the following page is displayed:

    Figure 13.1 Entering a Product Key on the Check a Key page.

    2. Enter your key into the empty field and click Check! The server will respond with more or less information depending on the activation state of your license.
    More information is available after you activate your Product Key:

    Figure 13.2 Unactivated Key (image 1of 3)

    Figure 13.3 Unactivated Key (image 2 of 3)

    Figure 13.4 Unactivated key (image 3 of 3)

    Following activation the Check a Key page displays more information:
    Figure 13.5 Activated Product Key summary (image 1 of 4)

    Figure 13.6 Activated license RIP and RIP features (image 2 of 4)

    Figure 13.7 Activated license enabled options (image 3 of 4)

    Figure 13.8 Returns History and Replacement History (image 4 of 4)

    Replacing a license following a hardware failure

    It is possible to replace an existing LDK license with an identical license if you suffer a hardware failure. We no longer increase the activation count of the original license, preferring to replace it instead.
    Note: If you have the EmerReplacement role you can create the replacement license yourself. If you do not have this role, please email the GGSL Sales-Administrator with details of the license you need to have replaced and the circumstances of the failure.

    With the role a Replace link appears in the navigation area of the site:

    Figure 14.1 Replace link

    We ask you to supply as reference either a Product Key or a Protection Key ID and a brief description of why the license is to be replaced.

    Figure 14.2 The replace form

    Having completed the fields, click Next.

    Figure 14.3 confirmation of your entitlement

    The ordering system will take your Protection Key ID or to derive your Protection Key ID from a Product Key if you provide one. Your Protection Key ID tells us what products are contained in your license, and we list them before you replace the license.
    When you click Next we will replace your license and disable your old one. The new license (your Product Key) preserves all of the attributes of your previous license including security numbers, duration, concurrency and so on.

    14.4 Your replacement license Product Key

    You can view the order detail by clicking the link beside the Your Order No: label and you can download the CSV file by clicking on the (csv) link. This CSV file is also emailed to you.

    Figure 14.5 Your replacement order details are summarized in a csv file

    We will email you with the CSV file summarizing your order attached.

    Figure 14.6 Your replacement order details are emailed to you

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