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How do I make a planned RIP transfer from one computer to another using a soft lock?

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP.

This section describes how you can “re-host” a license, to transfer it to another machine. This is useful if, for example, you have purchased a new more powerful machine and want to move your RIP to it.

  1. Install the RIP onto the new machine (the target computer).
  2. On the new machine start the LDK Tool and select More, then Transfer License followed by Transfer to this computer.
  3. Select Create. You are prompted to save a <machine name>.recipient.c2v.  Select Save. When the .c2v file is saved click OK. This file encapsulates the fingerprint of the computer hardware.
  4. The dialog now displays a Locate button in place of the Create button. Leave this dialog open.
  5. Copy the <machine name>.recipient.c2v file to the computer currently running the RIP—the source computer.
  6. On the source computer start the LDK Tool and select Transfer License followed by the Transfer from this computer.
  7. One or more key IDs are displayed in a drop-down list in the Key ID field. Select the key ID you wish to transfer, and click Transfer….
  8. Browse to and select the <machine name>.recipient.c2v file that you have copied from the target computer.
  9. You are prompted to save a <Key ID>.h2h Where Key ID is the Protection Key ID. This encapsulates the LDK license, now associated with the target computer.
  10. Copy the <Key ID>.h2h file to the target computer.
  11. Return to the LDK Tool on the target computer, which you left with the dialog showing the Locate option open (see step "3"). Click Locate.
  12. You are prompted to select the <Key ID>.h2h file that you have just copied from the source computer. A “Key Transfer Successful” message appears.

The RIP now runs on the target machine and does not run on the source machine any more. No internet connection is required for this procedure.

This procedure transfers the entire key. That is, the licenses for the RIP, any layered options and protected plugins.

Re-hosting is only possible for soft-locks. A VM-lock cannot be re-hosted. An attempt to do so triggers a “Failed to transfer key (69), rehost is not allowed for any license” error.

You must quit the source RIP before attempting to re-host the license. If the RIP is still running, the transfer fails with error 502.

This same process should be used to recover the license if a soft-lock has been accidentally activated on a VM (see What happens if I try to use a soft lock under a VM or a VM lock on a bare-metal OS?), by re-hosting to a non-VM operating system.

Copy V2C files provided by Global Graphics cannot be re-applied to re-enable a license that has been re-hosted, then subsequently lost due to re-installation, and so on (see How can I reinstall and reactivate a RIP on the same hardware?). We strongly recommend that you back up the H2H file created during re-hosting; it can be re-applied in the same way as a V2C file.

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