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(v13) Adding a raster backend to Harlequin Core

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP

The Harlequin Core SDK is provided with a number of raster backends. These may be selected using the -o switch which is used to override the value of /PageBufferType in the selected configuration file. For more information see (v13) Override pagebuffer type

You may need to add new raster backends, and this section describes the relevant process.

Begin with the clrip product.

1          Install the SDK. For more information see (v13) How to install the Harlequin Core SDK

2          Open a Command window, and change directory to the location of the clrip : \bin

3          Enter the command: clrip -l

4          Choose a suitable raster format for your printer from the listed options. For more information see (v13) Output formats and configuration files

5          Test the clrip test harness using your selected raster format. For more information on how to do this see (v13) Using the Harlequin Core SDK test harness

6          Open the selected configuration file for editing. You will find these at: \SW\TestConfig folder.

7          Edit the selected configuration for your required resolutions. This is done by editing the line: /HWResolution [ 300 300 ]

8          Add suitable PostScript language code for any other configuration options, such as font emulation, halftone selection, and any LDK product codes required for additional features.

9          Test your new configuration file by using clrip to print some test jobs to TIFF using this configuration, and the -o LIBTIFF command-line option. Check that the TIFF files are output correctly. For example;
clrip -c RGBComposite300dpi "\<path>\<>
This will create the output TIFF file in the same folder as the input PostScript language file.

10      Compile the clrip application. For more information see (v13) Building the test application
NOTE:   Some valid TIFF formats are not supported by some popular image viewers.

11      Retest your configuration with the rebuilt clrip , before you add or edit any source code.

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