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This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core


Parameter: ChannelClassCreateParam *param

Call type: Multi‐call

The RIP makes this selector call to give the plugin an opportunity to initialize its context state once the memory is allocated.

Note: No channels are established at this stage.

      typedef struct channelClassCreateParam { int32 version ;
      int32 channelClassID ;
      ChannelClassContext *channelClassContext ; MultiCallData multi ;
      IPStatus status ;
    } ChannelClassCreateParam ;


The version field should be ignored.


The RIP sets this to the identifier of the channel class to which this call refers. This identifier is as returned in the channel class’s ChannelClassDescription during the D_GET_CHANNEL_CLASS_DESCRIPTIONS multi‐call.


A pointer to data the RIP holds about the channel class. The memory field of the channelClassState in this structure will have been filled in by the memory requested in the ChannelClassDescription for this channel class, and the channelClassSTIOData will contain the channel class parameters.


Controls the sequence of calls to the selector. See (v13) The MultiCallData structure .


The plugin should set this structure’s IPmajor field to IPS_OK if the call is successful, and IPS_FAIL otherwise. The IPminor field is not used. See (v13) The IPStatus structure for the definition of IPStatus .

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