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(v13) HqnLayout strips

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP.

A Strip object is defined as a dictionary containing the following keys. All but ColorBars may be inherited from the ControlBar which contains this Strip. The Strip may also contain keys as described in the (v13) HqnLayout blocks in which case all Blocks that do not contain their own explicit definition of those keys inherit from the Strip.



Default: Opt

The distance from the bottom of the space allocated for the annotation and the bottom of the control strip.

Note that BaseX is not required here.


name or BlockSequence array

The BlockSequence object to be drawn in this Strip.



Default: 0

The series of patches defined by the ColorBars BlockSequence is drawn to fill available space along one edge of the raster. LeftEnd may be set to allow space for other Strips or Marks within the context of the same ControlBar. The BlockSequence starts this distance, in points, from the left-hand end of the space available for the Controlbar.

If LeftEnd is negative, it is a distance from the right-hand edge of the available space.



The software attempts to fill the space available with Blocks, but it is often unable to exactly fill that space. PackMethod defines the approach used when spare space cannot be filled:


The Blocks are spread evenly by inserting white space between them.


All patches are scaled up slightly in the horizontal direction. Note that Square patches are no longer exactly square, and so on.


All Blocks are drawn side by side and white space is left at the right-hand end.


All Blocks are drawn side by side and white space is left at the left-hand end.



Default: 0

The BlockSequence ends at the position set by this value, in points. If positive, it is measured from the left-hand end of the space or, if negative or zero, from the right-hand end.

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