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(v13) Installing N color profiles

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

To install an N-color profile it is necessary to supply the colorspace to which you wish to install the profile. This is done using an extra key in the optionsdict for the InstallICC procedure. Therefore, an optionsdict must be supplied if you wish to install an N-color profile:

file/filename ProfileName optionsdict InstallICC installeddict bool

The key to add to the optionsdict is /DeviceColorantFamily . For example, to install the superhex2, 6 color profile to the Hex colorspace in the 6 Color Contone device, the dictionary might look like this:

            /DeviceName (6 Color Contone \(chksum\))
            /Resample true
            /Profile true
            /CRD0 true
            /CRD1 true
            /CRD2 true
            /CRD3 true
            /InterpretAs false
            /DeviceLink false
            /Emulation false
            /DeviceColorantFamily (Hex)

Note: N color profiles can currently only be installed as output profiles. However, the HqnSettings procset should quietly ignore any impossible options you have selected, for example, Emulation . If you do not supply an optionsdict no default will be provided for the /DeviceColorantFamily key. Its value will be ignored if you try to install a non-N color profile. For example, a normal CMYK profile.

The final Boolean returned on the operand stack indicates whether the ICC profile installation was successful. The installeddict returned by the procedure will include all of the keys /Profile , /InterpretAs , /DeviceLink , and /Emulation for which the profile was installed. The value of these keys will be true . If an N color profile was successfully installed, the /DeviceColorantFamily to which the profile was installed will also be included in the installeddict .

Note: This JobLocal key is not need anymore because it is possible to use ICC CSAs in places where you would previously have had to convert a profile to a CSA. For example, ICC color spaces can be used as values to setinterceptcolorspace and setreproduction , as well as being able to call setcolorspace using them, For example:

[ /ICC (yourprofilefile) (r) file ] setcolorspace

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