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(v13) Screen Names specific to a plugin

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

You can use a file (or several) in the plugin's Screen Names folder to define screen names unique to the plugin, as seen by the user. Using such files, you can add screens to those provided by the RIP, and you can also choose to hide or rename other screens as appropriate to a device or plugin.

The name you give files in this folder is important:

  • Name the file for the relevant device type if the screen names it contains are specific to one device.
  • Name the file Screen Names if the screen names can be used by several devices. (You can also use this name if the plugin supports only one device type.)

You can use both types of naming. (If you do not provide any screen naming files for the plugin, the Dot shape menus display screen names provided by the RIP.)

The format of screen names files placed within the plugin folder is the same as that documented for SW/Config/Screen Names in the Harlequin MultiRIP Extensions Manual . You must list all the screen names that you wish to appear in the menus for a device or plugin in one file; there is no merging between files.

The following list is a summary of the description above. Each time that the RIP has to present a menu of dot shapes to the user, the RIP checks the plugin and device type and uses the file found first when searching the following locations in this order:

SW/Devices/plugin_name /Screen Names/device_type

SW/Devices/plugin_name /Screen Names/Screen Names

SW/Config/Screen Names

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