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(v13) Shadowable PostScript operators

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP.

The shadowop mechanism in the RIP is used by GGS and many OEMs to change or extend the behavior of the RIP when running PostScript-language jobs. ((v13) Shadowop and operator redefinition describes shadowop.) The PDF implementation in the RIP deliberately calls out to selected PostScript-language code in order to support the same features. For example, imposition using the HqnImpose2 procset, described in (v13) Imposition features, works in the same way for PDF jobs as for PostScript-language jobs, because at the end of each page the RIP invokes the PostScript-language showpage operator, picking up on any shadows in effect at the time. It is also possible to shadow setpagedevice, findresource (called from PDF to look up CID fonts and CMaps), and findfont.

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