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(v13) SubmitFile in the HqnControl procset

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP

When submitting a file that is intended to represent a job (as opposed to a file used for annotations), SubmitFile should be used in preference to ExecFile . See (v13) ExecFile in the HqnControl procset for more information.

datasource [ <<config>> ] -> SubmitFile

Where datasource can be:


A file name.


The number of bytes to read from current file to get the file name.


The input file is the rest of the current file. This is spooled to disk, and then run.

Three examples follow: Code example 1

12 << /FileType /PDF >> /HqnControl /ProcSet findresource /SubmitFile get exec %C%runme.pdf

Code example 2:

            null <<
                  /FileType /PDF
                  /JobName (Sample job)
                  /PageSetup (TEST)
            >> /HqnControl /ProcSet findresource /SubmitFile get exec
            1 0 obj
            << ...

Code example 3:

(File.prn) << >> /HqnControl /ProcSet findresource /SubmitFile get exec

The optional config dictionary can include:


The value of this key must be a literal name describing the type of file. being submitted (/PS , /PDF , /EPS , and so on). See also "TypeOrder".


If this key is supplied, only the requested pages from the job will be rendered. The format of the array value matches that documented for the pdfexec operator.


This sets jobname in statusdict to this string.


This should be a string and loads this page setup before executing the file.


This is only used where datasource is null , and copies this string or array of strings to the temp file before the rest of the stream.


This is an array of names from InputTypes in HqnConfigProvider . Test these file types in the opposite order to the order in this array. /PS should be first in the array. This only used when FileType is not supplied.


This should be set to true if JobName is to be treated as a filename, and to false if not. If JobNameIsFileName is not specified previous behavior is maintained.


If provided it must be a UTF-8 representation of /JobName .

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