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(v13) SwLeSetBlankPageFunction

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP.

Sets a callback function used to determine how to handle blank pages.

The callback function is supplied with a user-supplied job context pointer, a RasterDescription structure (see (v13) RasterDescription and a RASTER_BLANK structure. The RASTER_BLANK structure contains an integer indicating the reason for the blank page call and an action field indicating the action the RIP is preparing to do with the blank page. The action field may be modified by the callback function. The actions available are to remove the page entirely from the job's page number sequence; to count the page in the job's page number sequence (the raster backend may insert a placeholder for the page or generate a blank page if it wishes); or to continue to output the blank page. The default action depends on the reason for the blank page call:

  • If the blank page call is because all separations have been omitted, the default action is to remove the page from the job sequence. In this case, the action may not be changed to try to output the page (there are no separations to render).
  • If the blank page call is because TrimPage is on, and the page is entirely trimmed out, the default action is to output the page. The raster handler is expected to detect this case during output and generate empty page data.
  • If the blank page call is because there was no content on the page, the default action is to output the page. This case is only presented when no other reason applies.

At the time the blank page call is made, the RasterDescription structure contains as much information as is known about the page, including its size, job number, and page number. The RasterDescription may contain the number of separations that would have been output (if the page was not blank because of separation omission), but will not contain colorant information.

The default handling of blank pages may be changed using the BlankPages pagedevice dictionary. For details see the Extensions Manual ("Parameter reference summary").

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