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(v13) Uninstalling ICC profiles

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

The HqnSettings procset allows the removal of ICC profiles. This has been implemented in the following way:

            ProfileName RemoveICCProfile
            ProfileName optionsdict RemoveICCProfile


must be a string that provides a name by which the profile will be known after installation. An options dictionary (optionsdict ) may be provided to further control the installation.

The following gives an example of an optionsdict , with the default values for the various keys, where a value of true means that the relevant item is intended to be un-installed.

                /DeviceName <currentdevicename>
                /DeviceColorantFamily ()
                /Profile true
                /InterpretAs true
                /DeviceLink true
                /Emulation false

Any other keys present in the optionsdict will be ignored. This means that it is alright to pass in either the same optionsdict dictionary used to install the profile, or the installeddict that the InstallICC procedure leaves on the stack.

As emulation requires an associated input profile to run, /InterpretAs true , will be ignored (with a warning) if an emulation profile is found with the same name, and /Emulation is false .

If no /DeviceColorantFamily is specified in the optionsdict , profiles for the three color spaces DeviceCMYK , DeviceRGB and DeviceGray with the same ProfileName for the /DeviceName mentioned will be uninstalled.

For example, if there are profiles called “test” in all three color spaces and you asked for profiles to be un-installed, all three profiles would be deleted. If, however, a /DeviceColorantFamily of (DeviceCMYK ) was specified, only the profile for the DeviceCMYK colorspace would be un-installed.

Similarly, to uninstall a Hex color profile you must specify a /DeviceColorantFamily of (Hex) in the optiondict.

Any profiles that are requested to be un-installed are ignored if they are not found. Only imported ICC profiles will be un-installed. (Linear) profiles will not be un-installed.

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