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Mako 7.0.1 Release Notes


This is a maintenance release of Mako Core.

Fixes for specific support issues make up this release, and are labelled MAKOSUP-XXXXX. The link is live; it can be followed to the Mako support portal, but will only work for the customer who reported it.

Issues addressed


MAKOSUP-11225 Segmentation fault when accessing page content

This issue was caused by rogue values read from a JPEG EXIF header. Additional checks have been added to guard against this problem.


MAKOSUP-11229 Mako 7.0.0 Failing on Debian images with undefined references

Mako’s Debian Bullseye is built on a Docker image. This issue was fixed by updating this image with the latest available from the Debian Docker image repository.


Fix macOS SWIG Java build

The dynamic library (.dylib) for Java was not being copied to the build artifacts correctly. Now fixed.


MAKOSUP-11172 Request to have one Jar for cross platforms (Linux/Windows)

This was a customer request to repackage the Mako libraries for Java 11 for both Windows and Linux into a single jar, to simplify their deployment.

The solution required both native libraries (jawsmakoIF_java.dll for Windows, for Linux) to be added to the Mako class interface jar (jawsmakoIF.jar), with some small code changes to ensure they can be accessed.

On Linux, it may be necessary to set the library path to the location of jawsmakoIF.jar. For example, use this command to set the path to the current folder:


There are two jawsmakoIF.jar files provided, one that combines Windows with GNU Linux and another for Windows with Ubuntu.


MAKO Version 7.0.1 is built for the following platforms:

  • Linux (for Debian-based distributions, eg Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Mint)
  • Linux (for Debian Bullseye)
  • Linux (for MUSL distributions, eg Alpine Linux)
  • Windows (static and dynamic libs, VS 2019 (V142), x86 and x64)
  • Windows (static and dynamic libs, VS 2017 (V141), x64)

Mako supports the following programming languages.

  • C++ (Mako is written in C++)
  • C# (.Net Core and .Net Framework)
  • Java (built with OpenJDK11)
  • Python (v3.8)

The alternatives to C++ are built using SWIG ( which provides a translation to the native libraries, are found in these distribution folders:

  • Linux_SWIG_(C#-Java-Python)
  • Linux_Ubuntu_SWIG_(C#-Java-Python)
  • macOS_SWIG_(C#-Java-Python)
  • macOS_SWIG_(C#-Java11-Python)
  • Windows_SWIG_(C#-Java-Python)
  • Windows_SWIG_(C#-Java11-Python)
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