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Backup and Restore (Smart Workflow)

Within the System Menu, you have the capability to perform backups and restores for the Jobs Database and Files. Additionally, any hotfolder settings can be included in the backup process to safeguard against potential system failures or data loss.

Following each backup operation, the previous backup is transferred to an Archive Folder, with the addition of a timestamp reflecting the date and time.

Backup Data and Live Files

This operation will create a backup encompassing the entire database, all currently active jobs, and associated files.

Backup Hotfolder Settings

This process will not only back up Hotfolder Settings, including Dynamic Hotfolders but also capture any FAVE Tasks in the system.

Restore Job Data and Files

This action restores the database and files to a previously saved state, effectively reverting them to their earlier condition.

Restore Hotfolder Settings

This function restores Hotfolder Settings to their previous state, bringing them back to their earlier configuration.

The default configuration for storing data in the Backup Folders is set to PP_FILE_STORE > DFEBackup Folders (Settings stored in FundamentalsCustom.json). 

"BackupDataPaths":    {
        "collection":    "project",
        "customcollection":    "customobjects.sdfejobs",
        "import_json_folder_url":    "cloudflow://PP_FILE_STORE/DFE_Backup/Data/",
        "export_json_folder_url":    "cloudflow://PP_FILE_STORE/DFE_Backup/Data/",
        "JobFiles_url":    "cloudflow://PP_FILE_STORE/DFE_JOBS/smart_dfe/",
        "JobFilesBackup_url":    "cloudflow://PP_FILE_STORE/DFE_Backup/Files/"

To adjust the location, follow these steps:

  1. First, create a new filestore by navigating to 'http://localhost:9090/portal.cgi?config=1#filestores'.
    For example, you can name it DFEBackup.

  2. Next, go to the Workers tab at '' and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Edit the Path to the new filestore.
    For instance: DFEBackup > F:\DFEBackup

  3. Scroll back up to the workers section and add a new worker, making sure to select the newly created filestore. Remember to set the worker to active.

  4. With the filestore and worker configured, you can now update the FundamentalsCustom.json file with the new location. For example:

    "BackupDataPaths": {
            "collection": "project",
            "customcollection": "customobjects.sdfejobs",
            "import_json_folder_url": "cloudflow://DFEBackup/DFE_Backup/Data/",
            "export_json_folder_url": "cloudflow://DFEBackup/DFE_Backup/Data/",
            "JobFiles_url": "cloudflow://PP_FILE_STORE/DFE_JOBS/smart_dfe/",
            "JobFilesBackup_url": "cloudflow://DFEBackup/DFE_Backup/Files/"

By following these steps, you can successfully modify the location in your setup.

To restore both general settings and Hotfolder Settings after an upgrade or reinstallation, it is necessary to rename or remove the NIXPS Database.

Following a data restoration, to view files in ProofScope, it's essential to submit another task on the job, re-establishing the unique ID link.

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