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Smart Workflow


Smart Workflow is a part of the SmartDFE application suite.

Smart Workflow can be used by the press operator or in a studio to perform fixes and apply layout imposition tasks to supplied files.

Smart Workflow is part of the SmartDFE suite of applications and works seamlessly with Smart Print Controller (SPC), allowing the direct submission of jobs from Smart Workflow to SPC for printing.

Smart Workflow can be integrated with any management information system (MIS) in a variety of ways, as well as providing tools to ensure the file is fit for printing,

About Smart Workflow for SmartDFE

Smart Workflow is based on Hybrid Software's CLOUDFLOW production workflow suite. Its core functionality:

  • Allows users to preflight files to check for suitability.
  • Allows users to examine files on screen to check and assess if any corrections are required.
  • Allows files to be technically corrected to be suitable to print with a range of pre-programmed studio pre-press tasks.
  • Acts as glue to interface between studio‚Äôs / CSR / MIS to receive files and pass through with traceability to SPC.
  • Provides a local history and archive of settings to enable subsequent jobs to be run in the same manner.
  • Provides archiving functionality if required. 

It also keep a job history database of previous actions and settings.

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