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Job Submission

Job Setup

  • Media
    Select the required media using the dropdown, and set the price for the media using the $ button.
  • Source Path
    Click the TIFF or PDF button as appropriate, and navigate to the required folder.

    • For PDF, select the required file.

    • For TIFF, select the folder containing the TIFF files.

      You must select the folder containing the TIFF files; the explorer does not display individual files.

      The naming convention for TIFF files should be of the form JobName_PageNumber_Colorant.tif, where the page number should be equal to or greater than 1.


The TIFF file format must be 8 bpp contone.

  • Page Range

    • It may be advisable to set a reduced page range for large documents that could take some time to analyze.
    • Extending the range results in more accurate job estimates (at the expense of processing time).
    • The cost estimations are adjusted to account for the smaller page range analyzed and the number of pages in the file submitted.




Single page processing (page 1)


Single page processing (page 5)


Fixed page range (pages 1 to 3 inclusive)


Open page range (page 4 and onwards)


The radio button allows the user to specify whether the file to be analyzed is already Pre-imposed or would be Imposed.
The term "item" is used to represent each impression on the page. 


In this case the input job is assumed to be already imposed.

Items Per Page sets the number of items that have been imposed in the source file.
The image below is an example input file that represents a single page with six items imposed.
In this case the user should select pre-imposed and set Items Per Page to six.

Copies can be set to the required number of copies.


In this case the image supplied is a single item that is imposed onto a page multiple times

  • Orientation indicates if the image will be rotated. This information is required for media calculation.
  • Items Across Sheet specifies the number or items that would be imposed across the media.
  • Items Per Job specifies the total number of items in the job.

Job Preview

This pane displays a thumbnail of the first page of the document, along with the dimensions and page count.

If a TIFF file is selected, the units can be displayed in either selected units (metric or US, set in File → Preferences, based on the DPI set in the Device Configuration) or points; the list of colorants to be processed also displays.

When possible, CMYK colorants are recognized and recombined to a full-color preview.


For each colorant there is a report of:

  • Cost Per Page
    The cost for a single page, including all items imposed on it; this is based on:
    • The number of drops
    • The drop volume (set in SPPE)
    • The cost of the colorant (set in Printer Setup → Define Costs)
  • Cost per Job
    The cost for the complete job.
    This number always represents the cost of the entire job; if a page range is specified, the result is adjusted to represent the entire job. 
  • Cost per Item
    The cost of a single item. This is less than the cost of a page if Items Per Page is set to a value other than 1.
  • % Coverage
    The number of drops of a colorant in relation to the total pixels on the page; there is no adjustment for drop size.

    % Coverage is only reported for Toner devices; the column does not appear for ink devices.

    Below this are summaries of costs for:

    • Ink/Toner (set in Printer Setup → Define Costs → Ink)
    • Substrate (Estimation → Media → $)
    • Servicing (Printer Setup → Define Costs → Service)

The estimated print time is calculated from the length of the job and the line speed (set in SPPE).

Create Report

Generate a .csv file containing the results.

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