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Gray balancing

The purpose of gray balancing is to ensure that equal values of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow produce a neutral gray when printed without a color caste. This helps the ICC stage produce a good neutral gray.

This stage is optional and you may skip it; your output quality then depends on the ICC profiler producing a good gray.

Step 5a: Print Gray Balance Target

Choose PRINT TARGET to print the target previewed to the right on Smart Print Controller (SPC).

Use the Advanced button to specify your Tolerance and Changeover preferences. (Changeover is the point on the gray axis where Smart Media Manager (SMM) stops trying to produce a neutral gray and transitions to the white point of the media).

When you have printed your target, proceed with the Next button.

If you do not wish to perform any gray balancing, you can choose Skip to proceed to the next step.

Step 5b: Read Gray Balance Target

Use IMPORT MEASUREMENTS to import the LAB values from the data file produced by your measurement device. They're then reflected in the Quality Report to the right, which shows the delta E or color difference between the print and a neutral gray.

Gray balancing is an iterative process. Choose Iterate to return to printing new targets, taking into account your measurements so far. When you achieve the desired tolerance, the icon changes from a red thumb down to a green thumb up.

Whether you achieve the desired tolerance or don't, you can choose Next. To proceed without applying any gray balancing, choose Skip.

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