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JDF Input

1. Go to Workflows:

   - Access the Workflows section using the provided link: [](
   - Select the workflow named `sdfe_cerm2-installation`.

2. Click the Kiosk Icon:

   - Look for the Kiosk icon associated with the selected workflow and click on it.

   - This will likely take you to a page where you can enter additional settings or configurations.

3. Enter CloudFlow User Details:

   - Provide the necessary CloudFlow user details for the CERM workflow.
   - These details may include a username and password.

4. Verify Filestore Location:

   - Confirm the location of the Filestore where CERM files are stored.
   - Also, ensure the location of the CERM XMP filestore is verified.
   - Both folders should exist and be accessible.

5. Click Submit:

   - After entering the user details and verifying the filestore locations, click the Submit button to save the settings.

6. Verify Success:

   - If the submission is successful, you are now ready to submit JDF files from the Preflight Page.

By following these steps, you'll be able to enable JDF input and confirm CERM settings within the CloudFlow workflow. Make sure to double-check all details, especially filestore locations, to ensure smooth processing of JDF files.

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