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Job Task History (Live) (Smart Workflow)

Job Task History (Live)

This is a filtered list of the Job Task History (all) tab.

The Job Task History (live) table contains the jobs that are still present in the File Preparation Queue, and the Job Sending Hold for QA Queue.

The purpose of this list is to provide a mechanism to store and manage the information of every job that has passed through the system.

This information could be used for:

  • Locating the job and the view information about the job
  • Retrieving the task settings performed on the job
  • Retrieving references from JDF/MIS to maintain traceability
  • Allowing the operator to save the settings in a separate location
  • Allowing the operator to back up/archive the files produced in a separate location
  • Allowing the reuse of the settings to be applied to other jobs

Top bar Action Buttons

Refresh Table  

Save Task Settings

Archive Assets

Delete Job(s)


The Title bar contains boxes that allow the table to be filtered. For example:

  • Name - Start typing and the filter is applied.
  • Complete Date - Two options are available:
    • Sort in either ascending or descending order.
    • Click Start filtering to filter by a date range.
  • Creation Date - Two options are available:
    • Sort in either ascending or descending order.
    • Click Start filtering to filter by a date range.
  • .... Other fields apply in a similar way.

Job Record 

This button allows you to select a single or group of files to interact with the Top bar buttons.

When pressed, this icon reveals more information about the job.


  • Displays the current name of the job

Job ID

  • Displays the JDF Job reference from the MIS system for traceability

Job Part ID

  • Displays the JDF job part reference from the MIS for traceability 


  • This button shows the current archive status of the settings; it has three states.
  • When pressed, the button performs a settings backup:  
    •  No task have been run - Nothing to save 
    • Tasks have been run - Clicking this presents a dialog to save the settings. You can assign the setting to a Fave Task, Static Hotfolder or Dynamic Hotfolders.
    • Task have been backed up - Clicking this presents a dialog to save the settings. You can assign the setting to a hotfolder.

File Archive 

  • This button shows the state of the asset archive.
    Pressing the button backs up the asset files (including the setting, if available).  
    • Large
      Empty folder Icon - No backups have been performed.
    • Small folder Icon - Only Assets have been backed up; no tasks have been run so there are no settings to back up.
    • Large Full Folder Icon -
      All assets have been backed up.
    • Large Half Full Folder Icon -
      Settings have been backed up but no PDF assets have been archived.

Archiving Assets and settings to hot folders

When saving settings a dialogue box will open and there is an option "Save as Hotfolder Settings"

  • Off - Settings are saved to the default Archive folder
  • On - With this you can choose which ChainTask hotfolder to assign the settings to; choose 1-10.

ChainTasks are a collection of HotFolders. Any PDF file dropped in one is processed through preflight; automatically the task settings are applied.


  • If a ChainTask hotfolder is associated with this job, the number appears in this column.

Run Tasks

  • This button has two states:
    • No Task settings are saved.
    • Task settings are saved.

If the state has been archived, clicking the button allows you to upload files to be processed as new jobs with the same saved settings.


  • Views the latest file.


This button is only recommended for advanced users.

  • pressing this takes you to the assets file store.

Creation Date

  • This is the timestamp when the job was first submitted.

Complete Date

  • This is the timestamp when the last change was made.


  • This is the number of pages in a job.

MediaBox and TrimBox dimensions

  • This shows the two key boxes used to determine the size of the job to ensure it does not exceed the imaginable area

Sent to Print Queue

  • Not sent to print queue
  • Sent to print queue, clicking this shows the legacy settings.

Sent - Aborted

  • Indicates whether the job has finished processing

Preflight State

  •  Info / OK
  •  Warning
  •  Error
  •  Failed
  •  Aborted
  •  Fatal

Task Run

  • No Preparation Tasks assigned to the job
  • At least one Preparation Task assigned to the job has been completed.


  • Unique internal database ID for this record


  • Clicking this deletes the record from the history; archived Settings and files remain.

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