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Jobs Sending (Smart Workflow)

With the queue in a running state, jobs are sent straight through this queue to the printer. While this remains to support some legacy functionality. It can be useful to introduce another QA stage or to remote manage jobs feeding the printer.

New Job

Send a job directly to the Job Queue and bypass the Preflight Queue.

This dialog is the same as the Prepare option in File Preparation Queue (Smart Workflow)

We do not recommend using this route. Preflight is designed to ensure that your PDFs print correctly when they get to press; bypassing Preflight could allow a job to the press that won't print to your specifications or not RIP.

Pausing the Queue

The transport button on the right of the screen controls the queue state. By default the queue will be running, resulting in jobs being sent directly to Smart Print Controller (SPC).

Click the button to toggle between PAUSED and RUNNING.

Pausing the queue may be helpful if you want to delay files reaching SPC until another file is ready. or to collect several files and manage the submission order to SPC.


There are two queues:

  1. Viewing or managing the order of jobs prior to sending to the Waiting Queue of SPC.
  2. Showing any jobs that failed to be sent.



Files sent to the queue with the "Hold in Proofscope" option activated is automatically held.

Hold for QA Queue

Top bar Action Buttons

Top bar buttons allow you to manage the queue by selecting the job then pressing the appropriate action.

This button is active all the time and forces a refresh of the table.

Send to the bottom.

Send down one position.

Send up one position.

Send to the top.

This button releases the selected job to SPC from a paused queue.

This button aborts the job and place it into the failed queue.


The Title Bar contains boxes that allow the table to be filtered. For examples:

  • Name - Start typing and the filter is applied.
  • State - Filter by state of the file within the processing queue; a state dropdown filters the list
  • Description- Start typing and the filter is applied; this is the last message about the state of the job.
  • ...... other fields apply in a similar way.

Job Record 


Click this button to show the legacy imposition information from the previous stage as a read-only table.

This icon only appears if you selected "Hold in Proofscope" before you sent it

Clicking this button enables you to view the first 10 pages to check the file before it is released.

Failed Jobs Queue Table

This has the same information and filters as the table above; however, there are two different Top bar Action Buttons:

Top bar Action Buttons

This button enables you to resubmit the file again to the queue, with the option to change your settings.

This button removes the job from the queue and all of the files that have not been archived.

The Remove button does not delete the history stored in the database.

Job Record 

The same options apply as they do for Hold for QA Queue.

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