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Lead In Lead Out (LILO)

Lead In Lead Out is a mechanism that allows a job to contain additional pages that are output a configurable number of times at the start and end of the job.

PDF File Structure

To use LILO the submitted file must contain 2 extra pages at the start of the job.

The first page is used as the Lead In page

The second page is used as the Lead Out page.

Page 3 onwards is treated as the job to print.

If a PDF file was structured as shown below.

Lead In Lead Out operation set to 2 Lead In and 2 Lead Out, would result in the following output:

Submitting a LILO Job

Submitting a LILO job can only be done using the HotFolder.

The .complete file should contain the LiLo dictionary item.

See the section on Hot Folder Submission for more details.

Settings LILO Pages Counts via Hotfolder

Setting the number of LILO page counts is done when a job is submitted via the Hotfolder.

There are two keys available in the .complete file used during job submission:

  • LiCount
  • LoCount

See the section on Hot Folder Submission for more details.

Setting LILO Page Counts in the SPC UI

Clicking the blue 'Print Settings' icon next to the job reveals a LILO tab for jobs submitted with LILO enabled,

This allows the operator to change the number of Lead In and Lead Out pages.

OPC Interface

The LILO state of a job is reported over the OPC interface.

There are 3 key available on the OPC interface:

  • AllJobs/<GUID>/HasLiLoEnabled
  • AllJobs/<GUID>/LeadInCount
  • AllJobs/<GUID>/LeadOutCount

See the SPC OPC documentation for more details.

When using Lead In Lead Out feature summitted jobs must always be a minimum of 3 pages long

It is possible to set the Lead In and Lead Out values to zero, this results in no LILO pages 

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