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SmartDFE v4.1 Release Notes

New Features and Bug Fixes

Jira StoryDescription

Integrated Harlequin Direct (Direct_2022_09_30_RC3)

Support for overriding colors and supplying tone curve adjustments

Total Area Coverage support for CMYK via ICC profiles from ColorLogic

Advanced Page Selection within the Job Editor

Color replacement using Pantone libraries within the Job Editor

Enforce PDF/X and adjust smoothness setting to avoid banding

Ability to toggle iHVD and set the chunk size in SPC settings

OPC endpoint address and port are now shown when the server is enabled

Unit viewing option for "Metric" or "Feet and Inches" in Setup->General

Support for printing RGB/CMYK TIFF files

Waiting Queue now shows a warning if the Hot Folder disk is nearly full

Support Packages now include all SMD files and the printer 

Full support for duplex printing where Side B uses the media settings for Side A

Add support for .icm profiles for source and output

Added an auto-delete capability for the Completed Queue

Introduced additional conditions for detecting incompatible print settings

Added support for TIFF file naming according to a format specifier

Loading a PCC file now updates available media to only be those that were loaded

Jobs can now be renamed when being duplicated from the Waiting Queue

The Engineer Settings tab has been reorganized

Ensure all SPC strings have Japanese and Chinese translations

Fixed a bug where log files used the 12-hour clock in the filename when it should be 24 hour

Fixed a bug where the job progress for Rip Ahead mode was showing separations rather than pages

Fixed a bug where the remote printer was not printing jobs when non-embedded fonts despite having the relevant setting enabled

Fixed a bug where a job summary page was not output with a duplex printer profile

Fixed a bug where scaling was not applied correctly in some cases

Fixed a bug where Streamline Analysis could cause a crash if the relevant model was not available

Known Limitations

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