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SmartDFE v4.2 Release Notes

Important Upgrade Notes

If you have updated your template config files in a previous version, please note that config files are now stored in ProgramData. We recommend that you back up your config files before installing this version of SPC and migrate your changes across to the config files found in ProgramData after installation. For example, C:\Program Files\Global Graphics\Smart Print Controller\ConfigFiles will have your current config files, but SPC v4.2 now looks for them in  C:\ProgramData\Smart Print Controller\ConfigFiles and will install its config files there.

When saving settings, they are stored in a .spc file and this now includes all config files inside it. When settings are loaded from a .spc file, config files in C:\ProgramData\Smart Print Controller\ConfigFiles are overwritten with those from the .spc file. For backwards compatibility, previous .pcc files (which do not include config files) can still be used to load settings if they are renamed to .spc. Loading from these files will not change any config files in ProgramData. If you save out to .spc after loading, then all your config files will now be saved as well.

New Features and Bug Fixes

Jira StoryDescription

Integrated Harlequin Direct with Harlequin Core 13.2r4

Integrated new Streamline Direct Estimate that determines suitable iHVD settings

Settings are now saved in SPC files (.spc) and include all config files

Config files used by Harlequin Direct are now stored in ProgramData rather than Program Files

The Waiting Queue can now be maximized to see more job details

Maximized Waiting Queue shows job dimensions and total pages

Jobs can now have Target Media specified and Media mismatches are handled

SMD files are now included in Support Packages

Harlequin Direct is now referred to as RIP Server in the UI and the log

Addressed a banding issue by enforcing PDF/X color management and more smoothness

The size of each area in the Queues pane is now remembered between launches

Horizontal and Vertical Scaling can now be specified with up to three decimal places

Standardized all server and Harlequin Direct references to RIP Server

Display of log shown in the Support Pane is truncated to 6000 entries

Jobs can be duplicated with page selection over OPC

Sending to print queue over OPC now returns RequestDenied when the move was not possible

Jobs can now have labels added to them for grouping and filtering over OPC

Information from SmartPCRemote can now be accessed over OPC

Improvements to OPC documentation generation

The OPC endpoint shown in the UI now includes the PC name

CalibrationJustification and CalibrationOffset can now be set over OPC

Fixed an OPC issue where ActiveJob.GUID was updated before some other properties

Fixed a bug where pane navigation was disabled after closing the Job Editor with External Control enabled

Fixed a bug where the application could crash occasionally after Reverting settings

Fixed a bug where the Media Length was incorrect when using refresh pages at the start of a print run and multiple copies

Fixed a bug where printing remotely from an OPC Client was failing

Fixed a bug where the Active Media in Setup->Media could show incorrect values

Fixed a bug where the Completed Queue could not be restored after using the Job Information Page

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