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SmartDFE v4.3 Release Notes

New Features and Bug Fixes

Jira StoryDescription
SDFE-756 The log file folder can now be opened from the Support Pane
SDFE-1614 Streamline Models have been moved and model selection is stricter
SDFE-1639 The PrintFlat calibration status of Smart Media is now shown in the UI and over OPC
SDFE-1648 A list of spot colors to always be ignored can be specified for TIFF output and easily extended to other outputs
SDFE-1649 JobId and JobPartId received via .complete are exposed over OPC
SDFE-1663 Integrated Harlequin Direct 2.0.0 (Direct_2023_02_28)
SDFE-1668 The values for Tone Curves are now labelled more clearly as Input and Output
SDFE-1682 Added the ability to disable/enable a server in the Engineer->System tab
SDFE-1687 Empty tool tips are no longer shown when a Target Media or Label has not been set
SDFE-1688 Configuration templates now support multiple tokens/wildcards on the same line
SDFE-1693 Integrated new Streamline with Autotune settings and prepend these to our CustomPostscript submitted to Direct
SDFE-1700 Added the ability to disable/enable a server over OPC
SDFE-1620 Fixed a bug where some dialogs would not open when External Control is enabled
SDFE-1673 Fixed a bug where Target Line Speed was not being passed to Streamline Direct
SDFE-1675 Fixed a bug where remote printing with TAC was not using 16-bit RIPping and included print marks
SDFE-1729 Fixed a bug where choosing to Revert prevented subsequent custom settings changes from being applied
SMQ-9 SPC Job Editor - As a User I want to change a spot colour to a specific Lab value
SMQ-10 SPC Job Editor As a User I want to be able to change a spot colour using CMYK sliders
SMQ-35 SPC Job Editor - Make Job Editor use the ColorLogic Nuget Package
SMQ-37 SPC Job Editor - As a User I want to add new colors to libraries and save for use later on.
SMQ-40 SPC Job Editor - As a User I want color libraries to move from Program Files to ProgramData so that I could add new color libraries for SPC installation
SMQ-52 Dot Gain Chart - Channel order
SMQ-62 As A user I want a "wake up" bar on my PrintFlat Calibrations
SMQ-65 Mako Color conversion crashes in debug build.
SMQ-66 SMM Throws Error When User Attempts to Export SMD
SMQ-72 I would Like to Be Able to Print More than One Copy in SMM

Known Limitations

* The Evaluation version of SPC does not include any Streamline models.
* Streamline Optimize hangs when Finger Print Report is kept open
* SPC is corrupting ICC profile names containing a "."

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