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SmartDFE v4.4 Release Notes

New Features and Bug Fixes

Jira StoryDescription
SDFE-1492 As an OPC user, I would like information about an SMD before I install it and optionally provide a new name when I do install it
SDFE-1671 Streamline iHVD Analysis should be performed with the postscript and ICC profiles that will be used by the RIP Server
SDFE-1674Update colours for RIP Ahead 'Total estimated space required" at above 80%
SDFE-1728Integrate new Direct with changes for RIPAhead/ScreenDirect mode
SDFE-1730 Integrate changes to support SLD Train
SDFE-1735As a user, I would like an Enable Autotune toggle and have this accessible over OPC
SDFE-1738 Add default Streamline model to the Evaluation version of SPC
SDFE-1748As a user, I would like the Streamline pane to be redesigned to work with the updated Streamline Direct
SDFE-1750: As a user, I don't want to know about iHVD, it should just be set by Streamline Autotune when it makes sense
SDFE-1756: As an OPC user, I would like to be able to change the mode (RipDirect/RipAhead/ScreenDirect) over OPC UA
SDFE-1782When I launch SPC, I expect the connections to go green if my RIP Server is running its Start script
SDFE-1784Pass jobname to the RIP Server when a job is submitted so it can be used in output filenames
SDFE-1817Relaxed the requirement for the print speed needing to match when comparing the current Printer Profile with a Smart Media
SDFE-1823 Integrate new Direct (2023_06_21_RC1) with Harlequin Core 13.2r6
SDFE-1824Integrate new Direct v4.0 with memory management
SDFE-1828: Integrate Streamline Direct release with latest Mako
SDFE-1859: As a user, I would like to see the RGB representation of inks when selecting them and access these values over OPC
SDFE-1170Fixed a bug where the Print Run does not Autostop when using 'Add Job Information Page' with RIP Ahead
SDFE-1729Fixed a bug where clicking Revert prevents changes to custom settings from taking effect
SDFE-1731Fixed a bug with Tone Curves values were not being set correctly in the UI
SDFE-1761Fixed a bug where the mode for printing targets could stay on if a RemotePrint did not complete
SDFE-1811Fixed a bug where the OPC UA property AllMedia/SelectedName receives InvalidOperationException
SDFE-1826Fixed a bug where the progress bar in the Print Queue was being slightly cropped at the right
SDFE-1858Fixed a bug where edited Tone Curves were having the reverse effect to what is intended
SDFE-1860Fixed a bug where the Examine preprocessing step was not always completing successfully
SDFE-1877Fixed a bug where remote directories were not being created reliably when Applying settings
SDFE-1879Fixed a bug where it was possible to load an invalid tone curve
SDFE-1880Fixed a bug where OPC UA AllMedia/SelectedName receives InvalidOperationException
SDFE-1882Fixed a bug where SPC was sometimes reporting the incorrect active job over OPC
SMQ-70Simple ICC profile generation
SMQ-82As a user I want a 3D gamut view in Smart Calibrator.
SMQ-197Cosmetic changes to the ICC profiling UI in Smart Calibrator.
SMQ-11Change a spot colour using CMYKOV sliders
SMQ-15Warned when the spot colour is out of gamut
SMQ-16Out of gamut spot colour to be automatically mapped in gamut.
SMQ-84A spot colour to show the before and after colour in the preview
SMQ-90Choose the Delta E formula i.e. 1976 0r 2000
SMQ-91Set the delta E tolerance for out of gamut warnings
SMQ-92View delta E when a spot is out of gamut

Known Limitations

  • Job names with more than 50 characters are unsupported, but the user is not prevented from exceeding this limit.
  • Job names with characters that would be illegal in a filename can cause failures when doing file-based output.


CXCProfiler.exe not automatically picking up license from installed CoPra.
For this you will need:-

  •  the path where Smart Calibrator is installed. 
  • a Copra License and the location of the license.  

1. Open up the command line
2. Change the directory to where you have installed calibrator. This will usually look something like -> cd C:\Program Files\Smart Calibrator
3. Finally input this command -> CXCProfiler.exe license C:\Address\CopraLicense.lic

This will license CXCProfiler.exe and enable ICC profile to be created in Smart Calibrator.  

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