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SmartDFE v4.5 Release Notes

New Features and Bug Fixes

Jira StoryDescription
SDFE-820Improved PIN Management: Users can now set a custom PIN, making it more convenient for customers and their clients who prefer a different PIN from the default "1234." A default PIN can be configured within the SPPE settings, providing flexibility for users.
SDFE-1335Users can now opt to use only linearization in addition to the existing calibration process through a user-friendly interface. 
SDFE-1695Eliminate references to Smart Print Controller and Harlequin Direct while maintaining a more generic branding approach.
SDFE-1737SDFESUP-265: Implement Meteor Mixed Mode 
SDFE-1779SDFESUP-291: Fixed a crash when submitting a call to CancelJob.
SDFE-1818SDFESUP-340: Allows users to selectively disable individual inks for a server in the Engineer->System section.
SDFE-1830Implement AbsoluteColorimetric for NamedColor and default medias will now have Preserve100%Black set to true by default.
SDFE-1844Improved Streamline UI and moved to Engineer pane.
SDFE-1848Add the SPC file to the Support Package to help with support.
SDFE-1853Enable the use of the Pre-Press pane when "External Control" is enabled.
SDFE-1893Integrate new Streamline that provides a better estimate for Autotuned jobs
SDFE-1898SDFESUP-198: Bug fixed where the Head temperature OPC UA property was not being updated.
SDFE-1899Remove the need to wait for any pre-processing to happen on the duplicate jobs.
SDFE-1903Bug fixed: Filename is being added twice when job is moved from Completed to Waiting Queue
SDFE-1919SDFESUP-391: Bug Fixed, Override color options should not produce 'failed to upload' error,
SDFE-1922Preload (Static Mode) only for Meteor output
SDFE-1930SDFESUP-388, SDFESUP-399, SDFESUP-408: Bug Fix, Jobs in the print queue should always be printable
SDFE-1931SDFESUP-392 New feature that adds a completed page count to the job info in the Completed Queue.
SDFE-1935SDFESUP-404: Remove Reference To Duplex Mode for non-Duplex presses.
SDFE-1970Bug fix: A job remains blocked no matter how the Streamline settings are altered
SDFE-1971Bug fix: Number of copies is not working
SDFE-1991New logic around the handling of Target Media for each job. 
SDFE-2002 SDFESUP-474: When we check for embedded fonts we now only check a subset of pages rather than the whole PDF. This massively reduces the pre-processing time on some PDFs.
SMQ-30Add override colour functionality into Smart Media Manager.
SMQ-55Correctly resizing controls in Smart Media Manager
SMQ-71Bug Fix: Error When Importing Media in Smart Calibrator
SMQ-96Allow a user to print and calculate the black ink limit in Smart Media Manager
SMQ-144Restrict the Smart Calibrator popup dialog to appear in front of the app and not over every app.
SMQ-175When launching Smart Calibrator select the SPCs Active Media automatically
SMQ-217 Bug fix: red boxes not to be visible when the "Out of gamut" window pops up.
SMQ-232SDFESUP-246: Bug fix,  PrintFlat Adding Extra Channels Instead of Applying to Existing Channels
SMQ-281Add ICC generation and 3D control functionality into Smart Media Manager
SMQ-284Spot Colour Editor - increase the height of the colour patches
SMQ-291Give the user the ability to ignore chosen print bars in Smart Media Manager.
SMQ-294In the Spot Colour Editor save only pure ink colours as device colours all other none pure inks as LAB.
SMQ-322When the spot colour editor edits a PDF it should use the "Target Media" of the job NOT the active SMD
SMQ-343 SDFESUP-397: Feature Request - Make Colour Adjustment Functionality available on Task/Menu Bar In Job Editor
SMQ-353SDFESUP-289  Add a Print Pinning Target to SMM
SMQ-355Allow Job Editor to write spot colours to the SMD
SMQ-357Add Print ICC test chart stage to Smart Media Manager
SMQ-359Add Measure ICC test chart stage to Smart Media Manager
SMQ-361Bug fix, Smart Calibrator not displaying a pop up message when printing targets
SMQ-364Add a section name "Available Media" which lists all available media to printrun.config.
SMQ-365Assign Target Media from the .complete file
SMQ-371SDFESUP-443: bug fix,  3D Gamut control not displaying with certain ICC profile names.
SMQ-385Bug fix - Smart Calibrator crashes when you click on "Create Support Package".
SMQ-390Bug fix -SDFESUP-458 - Fix a crash for a specific job into Job editor

Known Limitations

In the Job Editor's Custom Color Editor, when you modify a color, the system will generate a new media file. This new file is a duplicate of the original target media, but with the adjusted color values that the user has specified. This ensures that the color's name remains consistent, and the original color values are retained in the original media for any potential reprinting needs.

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