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SmartDFE v4.6 Release Notes

New Features and Bug Fixes

Jira StoryDescription
SDFE-1233When printing, the only separations produced will be for the inks that both appear in the active media and are enabled on the server.
SDFE-1629Added an option to enable Intelligent Thumbnailing, which will cause all job thumbnails to generate from the middle of the job rather than the first page.
SDFE-1656The Duplicate job dialog now has a cancel button.
SDFE-1696English (U.K.) added as a language choice to Smart Print Controller. SPC's selected language and length units dictate the language and length units shown in Job Editor.
SDFE-1837The Web View pane's default web page is now the Smart DFE documentation page.
SDFE-1845Jobs can now be renamed through the job details dialog or through OPC.
SDFE-1888Adjusted the color scheme slightly so that the caret symbol in editable text fields is more visible.
SDFE-1934SDFESUP-405: Added a button to Job Editor to toggle between Selection Mode and Panning Mode.
SDFE-1948SDFESUP-411: It is now possible to select multiple jobs and move them to other queues.
SDFE-1980SDFESUP-451: Added a new GetEEPROM method to the Meteor OPC interface to get EEPROM data from a given Print Head.
SDFE-2023The active media is now shown at the top of the application, and below that is a display of all the active inks for the currently applied settings.
SDFE-2027SDFESUP-503: Deleting all jobs from the Completed Queue will now prompt for confirmation.
SDFE-2028Smart Font Scan added to the list of Engineer pane Settings. This option will alter the methods used to detect non-embedded fonts in jobs.
  • For consistency, references to inks are now referred to as print bars in the Engineer pane.
  • For improved clarity, the Engineer pane System tab has been renamed to RIP Servers.
  • For consistency and improved clarity, the RIP Configuration header in the Configuration Templates has been renamed RIP Direct. The Disable Server toggle was moved to the header for the RIP Server Details. 
SDFE-2033The Setup pane Print Bars tab has been renamed to RIP Servers to better represent the settings in the tab. The Print Mode settings have been moved from the Setup pane General tab to the RIP Servers tab, and the Print Mode option for RIP Direct is visible when Offline mode is not supported in the printer profile. The Media details were removed from the RIP Servers tab.
SDFE-2034The Save and Load Settings are no longer accessible outside the Engineer Pane.
SDFE-2035The color management view previously in the Setup pane has been moved to the Engineer -> Media pane.
SDFE-2036The Sheet Markup tab in the Setup pane is now the Control Marks tab. The Control Marks tab is only visible if the Print Marks plugin is present in the plugins pipeline.
SDFE-2037When deleting a job, a confirmation dialog will be shown.
SDFE-2038The Engineer pane Status tab has been removed. The Total Printed Sheets counter and Reset button have been moved to the Settings tab, and they are disabled if the Sheet Counter isn't enabled in the active config.  
SDFE-2039Setup -> General tab has been removed, and its contents redistributed.
SDFE-2040Double-clicking a job in any of the queues will open the job details dialog. Double-clicking on a text box will not open the job details dialog, as you may want to highlight text. The Job details button is visible in the Print Queue.
SDFE-2045Added confirmation dialogs to the removal of Servers and Media.
SDFE-2059SDFESUP-529: The Active Media can now be set to match a job's Target Media via the job details dialog, or the maximized Waiting Queue.
SDFE-2068Fixed a bug where SPC would crash on trying to create a compatible media for an invalid printer profile.
SDFE-2096Chinese translations added to Job Cost Estimator; the language of Job Cost Estimator is decided by the machine's system locale at startup.
SDFE-2100Added a Disabled Ink Mode option to the printer profile that determines whether inks that don't appear in the media are blank or produce no separations. 
SDFE-2131Jobs can be made LILO jobs via .complete submission, which allows viewing and setting the lead in and lead out page counts.
SDFE-2133Printing LILO jobs will print additional pages based on the set counts for the Lead In page and the Lead Out page. 
SDFE-2145Added a new type of folder, the Pre-Press Folder, to support sending jobs to external applications for further adjustments before printing.
SMQ-3Allow the user to cancel a print from Smart Calibrator.
SMQ-241Bug Fix : Make a PDF with number of pages in rather than send multiple print jobs.
SMQ-282SDFESUP-398: Import the new spot color editing functionality from SMC into SMM
ie, Spot Color editing.


Bug Fix : ScreenPro Lab crashes with invalid composite tif.

SMQ-319Bug Fix : Error re-combining screened separations to composite TIFF.


Bug Fix : ScreenPro Lab does not screen images correctly/crashes if the image already exists in the Completed folder.


SMM - Create Nozzle compensation Dialogue.


SMM - Create the Nozzle Compensation Curve.

SMQ-383Add 3D view using the profile created from earlier step and pin selected color in the 3D view.
SMQ-387Spot color editing - Ability to set preferences - delta E and tolerance.
SMQ-397Calibrator: support CxF X-4 to import color libraries into SmartDFE


I would like the spot colour editor functionality in Calibrator.


SMM crash at Step 5a : Print Gray Balance Target


Allow the user to cancel jobs from Smart Media Manager.


Change the printrun.config 'Available Media' to 'AvailableMedia'.


SPC - Provide a way for a user to define Spot colours to be ignored.


When a job has a Target Media assigned to it, and that media includes a TCB file, this should initiate a preprocessing step in the Waiting Queue. This step will replace any spot colors in the job that are specified in the TCB file within the target med


SMM crash in Nozzle Compensation Dialogue.


The thumbnail should be updated to reflect any color changes made through a new preprocessing step, which is capable of replacing the values of spot colors in the job found in the TCB inside the SMD.


Color Override stage is integrated into the workflow, easily accessible via a button under the Characterizarion stage. 


SMM - Spot Color Editor Stage.


The "ExportSMD" button is available at the bottom of every pane.
SWF-2Run Task Fails when Rerun VDP Jobs
SWF-85Task Dialog Boxes have white space
SWF-91Add Margin Option (Left, Right, X and Y), default 0 with option to add margins to S&R; location after gap size
SWF-106CLOUDFLOW: When Submission is enabled, submitting a new job always results in an error
SWF-14534 > Job Task History > Save Task Settings
SWF-154A6 Add Margins option to the S&R
SWF-16540. PP – Manage Colours
SWF-176Documentation Update - Bugatti
SWF-181R3 - VDP Step and Repeat
SWF-18657 - PP – Manage Document - Duplicate
SWF-18743/44 - Remove References
SWF-18846 - Job Station Centre Justify Column info
SWF-18947 - Job Station Changes
SWF-19047 - Job Station Changes - Preflight Status
SWF-195Hotfolder Creation Issue
SWF-203Remove LILO.json from Fave Task
SWF-204Tooltips in wrong position
SWF-205Update Icons / Headings
SWF-206Misspelling of 'System' on Job Station
SWF-207Using Fave Settings to Remove Diecut on different Color Jobs
SWF-208Update Core CF 23.09.00
SWF-210Tooltip Updates
SWF-212Change colour book selection to SMD selection in Manage Inks
SWF-214v2.7.69 - Static Step And Repeat Task Not Always Honouring Width And Length Settings
SWF-229v2.0.8: Depending on the locale, the output format of the preflight report may be RTF format or text format
SWF-231v2.7.69 - Set Sheet Width To Zero By Default In Send To Print Queue
SWF-236v2.1.16: CLOUDFLOW Incorrect Page Range display in Failed Jobs list when creating a new job with an incorrect page range specification in the preparation queue
SWF-238v2.1.16: CLOUDFLOW Locale Japanese Only: Some UI is displayed in English
SWF-239v2.0.7: Request to change the output format of the preflight report
SWF-241Consistent Spelling Of Colour/Color
SWF-242Not showing dynamic preflight results if more than one page is preflighted
SWF-243Feature Request - Button To Send Jobs To CloudFlow Job Station From Waiting Queue In ColourFlow UI
SWF-244SWF - Chinese Locale Update
SWF-245When importing a job copies required should default to 1
SWF-247Create Default Hotfolder on Install
SWF-251Check Chinese Locale Translations
SWF-252LILO revamp
SWF-253Unable to Upload PDF and CSV file together in CSV Mode
SWF-263v2.7.74 - Prepare Function Not Active Following Bypass Preflight
SWF-264092 : SPC is not picking up the job in the waiting queue from SWF it consuming the .complete though
SWF-265The saving of settings, this was observed and tracked down to instances where more than one task was done
SWF-266SPC not processing the .complete / .pdf correctly and the .pdf not appearing in the SPC queue
SWF-268v2.7.82 - Job Fails Import Into File Preparation Queue
SWF-269Jobs via New Preflight Job with Favourite not appearing in Job Preparation Queue
SWF-270Jobs via ChainHotfolder not appearing in Job Preparation Queue
SWF-274Job Station only Tooltip
SWF-275Need a mechanism to create hot folders from within a Mars application
SWF-279v2.7.22 CLOUDFLOW: It does not limit even if a paper size larger than the maximum value specified for PrintSizeH and PrintSizeV in FundamentalsCustom.json is specified.
SWF-281Check Japanese Locale Translations
SWF-284Add New Translation json Files to Builds
SWF-286Default Hotfolder Path
SWF-291File Preparation Queue - Downloading Log Files
SWF-292Job Task History Live - Download Log Files
SWF-293Wrong Heading In File Preparation Queue
SWF-246Dynamic Preflight Pages not displayed correctly in PS
SWF-256Tooltips On Job Sending Page Icons
SWF-267Login Screen not displayed correctly

Known Limitations

In the Job Editor's Custom Color Editor, when you modify a color, the system will generate a new media file. This new file is a duplicate of the original target media, but with the adjusted color values that the user has specified. This ensures that the color's name remains consistent, and the original color values are retained in the original media for any potential reprinting needs.

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