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SmartDFE v4.7 Release Notes

Backup your Configuration

With the release of version 4.7, we are transitioning from the legacy configuration format (.spc files) to a new format (.sdc files). To ensure a smooth update, we strongly recommend saving your current configuration as an SPC file prior to installing version 4.7. This .spc file can then be seamlessly loaded into the updated version as needed.

New Features and Bug Fixes

Jira StoryDescription
SDFE-1755Made the autosaving of queues more resilient to interruption, so that data is less likely to be lost.
SDFE-1924*SDFESUP-396:* Job Editor now allows the rotation of a document in 4 directions (0, 90, 180, 270 degrees).
SDFE-1998*SDFESUP-468:* A new Pre-Press Plugin can now be installed which displays the live contents of the Pre-Press folder as specified in Engineer -> Folders. The plugin that previously had the name 'Pre-Press' in the app is now referred to as 'Workflow'.
SDFE-2043*SDFESUP-459:* Fixed a bug where the vertical scrollbar in the completed queue wouldn't be visible at SPC's minimum size.  
SDFE-2055*SDFESUP-750:* A fix allowing SPC files to be included in Support packs when not elevated to Admin
SDFE-2065Control Marks and Control Pages (also known as Refresh Pages) have been deprecated.
SDFE-2091Added a new Device Config for the Virtual Press plugin which can be used to demo a job printing without going out to an actual press.
  • Printer Profile Editor/Smart Device Configurator:
  • Printer Profile Editor has been renamed to Smart Device Configurator.
  • Now saves and loads .SDC files (previously .SPC files) instead of just .profile files.
  • Prevents print bars from having the same plane number or name (on the same side).
  • Added support for embedding HD RIP plugins in a .SDC file in a new RIP Support Files tab.
  • Added new RIP Config Templates tab that allows a user to edit the HD config templates.
  • Smart Job Cost Estimator:
  • SJCE has been updated to use .SDC files.
  • Smart Print Controller:
  • Various UI improvements have been made to colours and spacing.
  • Added a resizable job thumbnail in the Print Queue which displays the selected job or the first job.
  • Completed queue succeeded/cancelled/failed status is now reported as an icon.
  • Waiting queue disk space indicator is now an icon, and only visible if there's an issue to report.
  • App window title has been changed to be centred and non-UPPERCASE.
  • RIP Server connection and OPC icons have been updated.
  • Screen details have been removed from the Setup pane.
  • SPC has been updated to use .SDC files. SPC will automatically upload custom HD plugins from the .SDC file when applying settings. Printer profiles can no longer be imported separated from the configuration.
SDFE-2162Adding in job hashing create a 2GB limitation on files size, this limitation has now been removed.
SDFE-2165*SDFESUP-482:* Added a new eyedropper tool to Job Editor that replaces the selection mode. The eyedropper tool can be used to display the colour values of a selected pixel.

Note: Jobs with spot colour names longer than 45 characters have issues with the Eyedropper tool and Zoom controls. Jobs with spot colour names much longer than 45 characters might also fail to generate a thumbnail or render in Job Editor.
SDFE-2167Added SetPageRange to the OPC layer, allowing a job's page range to be set over OPC.
SDFE-2203*SDFESUP-788:* Added lead in and lead out thumbnails accessible over OPC.
SDFE-2204*SDFESUP- 579:* Fixed issue with JobTag during job duplication and *SDFESUP-780:* added option to Clone Whites
SDFE-2213Files in the Pre-Press Plugin can be opened in an App of your choice with configurable arguments.
SDFE-2214The Pre-Press Plugin now supports the moving of files to the Workflow plugin, or resubmitting the files as jobs back to the Waiting Queue. NOTE: Files that are unreadable for any reason (e.g. locked by a PDF editor) will not show in the Files in Pre-Press Folder list; but this will only update when the file list is updated (added to, removed from, or a member is renamed). This will be fixed in a future release.
SDFE-2224*SDFESUP-812:* The Layers pane in Job Editor now has two columns instead of three: Print and Locked. The former Print column has been removed, and the former Visible column is now the new Print column. The new Print column determines in tandem whether a layer is visible and if it will be printed.
SDFE-2228*SDFESUP-817:* Allow the cloning of Varnish as well as multiple whites.
SDFE-2244Added LILO thumbnail to the LILO tab of the job details dialog that can be toggled between Lead In and Lead Out. Clicking on the thumbnail or the zoom button A larger version of the LILO thumbnail is displayed on clicking the thumbnail or the zoom button.
SDFE-2245LILO jobs now have an indicator displayed over the top right of their thumbnail that they are a LILO job.
SDFE-2246LILO pages are not visible in Job Editor. Changes made on a document level are still made to LILO pages.
SDFE-2247Page ranges no longer affect LILO pages in Job Editor. The page range will be applied to the visible pages that you see, and the LILO pages will remain at their original positions.
SDFE-2248When a file is sent away from the Pre-Press Plugin, a notification message now appears at the bottom of the application to confirm which file went to which destination.
SDFE-2250Added a pre-processor that will honour the printability settings of layers in jobs. A layer set to 'always print' or 'never print' will now correctly print/not print respectively without any intervention.
SDFE-2262Added a Remove button to the Pre-Press plugin.
SDFE-2263The Workflow plugin has been moved into the Pre-Press Plugin. 
SDFE-2265The Pre-Press plugin will hide itself if the 'Enable Pre-Press Folder' option is disabled upon start-up, and show itself if it is enabled on start-up.
SDFE-2266A folder can now be chosen as the destination of files sent to Workflow in the Pre-Press plugin.
SDFE-2267Added buttons to open the Pre-Press and Workflow folders.
SMQ-265View Log option available for Job editor.
SMQ-420*SDFESUP-481:* Add Search bar to Spot Colour Editor.
SMQ-421Japanese Translations for Smart Calibrator.
SMQ-443SMM reorganisation ICC profiling now separate to characterisation wizard
SMQ-448At Read Dot Gain the preview initialises with a 45 degree line for all channels by default. The curve gets updated when measurements are imported.
SMQ-459*SDFESUP-592:* Fixed issue, uninstalling SMM results in the uninstallation of SJE
SMQ-462*SDFESUP-594:* Fixed and issue when ICC profiles look darker when printed using Smart Calibrator 
SMQ-464Bug fix: SMM and SC cancel function restarts servers.
SMQ-474Spot Colour Editor - Ring Arounds - UI.
The ring arounds should be invoked from a menu item from the list of spot colours.
SMQ-482*SDFESUP-757:* Fixed issue when printing from Smart Calibrator with multiple ICC charts in a folder. 
SMQ-489*SDFESUP-774:* Fixed issue, Custom ink values for spot inks are being rounded up/down to the nearest 10 following saving to the job.
SMQ-494*SDFESUP-757* and *SDFESUP- 768:* Bug Fix: Calibrator - Waiting Queue Deletion Remote Print Issue.
SMQ-496*SDFESUP-781:* In Job Editor we only edit the colour in the job and not create overrides in a media. This stops multiple new media being created on each spot colour edit in the job. 
SMQ-504*SDFESUP-563* and *SDFESUP-565:* When editing a Custom Color you can’t press the OK button unless you have given the spot colour a different name. This change is to remove that restriction. The user would be allowed to keep the same name for the spot colour but edit just the value.
SMQ-512*SDFESUP-769:* Bug Fix : Jobs left idle from SMM timeout and restart servers.
SMQ-520Spots and Ignored Spots - If there is only one spot colour in the list, deleting the spot from the list and UpdateSMD action would not remove the spot.
SMQ-521*SDFESUP-815:* SPC - Ability To Export And Import Ignored Spots List
SMQ-533Calibrator - Import/Export Media to central location.
SMQ-535Spot Variation Chat provides a systematic approach for printing technicians to edit spot colours efficiently. By following these steps, you can achieve accurate colour adjustments and enhance the quality of your printed materials.
SMQ-547Job editor - Spot Variations Chart - Enhancements
SMQ-552UI Enhancement - Spot Variations Chart : User should be restricted to selecting only three colorants.

Known Limitations

  1. SPC and Smart Calibrator: Spot Variation chart: If the user quickly and repeatedly clicks the "+" or "-" button to adjust settings, they might experience a delay in the view refreshing. However, the final view or print should be based on the last settings the user selected
  2. SPC: Spot Variation chart: When closing the main SPC application window, any additional windows, such as the opened job editor, should also be closed.
  3. Direct: Aborting/cleanup after a hardware produces a fault, that is an underrun, can cause an SPC server disconnection.
  4. Direct: Completed page count is incorrect when channel clone is used. This only affects jobs that complete cleanly.

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