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SmartDFE v4.8 Release Notes

New Features and Bug Fixes

Jira StoryDescription
SDFE-2014*SDFESUP-492:* In Job Cost Estimation the user can now choose the currency manually.
SDFE-2016*SDFESUP-493:* The Job Cost Estimation will now correctly support cloned colours
SDFE-2026*SDFESUP-438:* The Job Cost Estimation will now correctly support cloned colours. 
SDFE-2070*SDFESUP-536:* The Job Cost Estimation will now remember the last path used.
SDFE-2078Job Cost Estimation is now built into SPC, a press operator can request a cost estimation on any job in the waiting queue. Note: This feature is only supported at the moment for setups where the main Harlequin Direct RIPs are on remote PCs. 
SDFE-2082*SDFESUP-543:* The Job Cost Estimation will  auto-populate the filename with the job name when saving the report.
SDFE-2130*SDFESUP-510:* Horizontal Scaling and Vertical Scaling settings can now be saved to the selected Media and remembered when the Media is re-selected later. The settings can also be removed from the Media and revert back to the device config's settings.
SDFE-2134*SDFESUP-117:* CPIM mode can now be utilised with multi-page multi-copy jobs if Direct determines that the entire job can fit within the allocated shared memory.
SDFE-2142*SDFESUP-587:* Job Cost Estimation can now output ink calculations in Kilograms.
SDFE-2206Chinese translations have been added to Job Editor
SDFE-2208*SDFESUP-794:* Job Cost Estimation can now expose ink consumption by volume. 
SDFE-2209*SDFESUP-793:* Job Cost Estimation can now output cost per square metre. 
SDFE-2210*SDFESUP-790:* Media files in newly created .SDCs are renamed with a GUID to avoid any issues caused by invalid characters in the media name.
SDFE-2222Added colored square to the Eyedropper tool to show the color. 
SDFE-2230Fixed an issue in Job Editor where ICC based spot colours would show up as black in the separation side panel and color picker tool.
SDFE-2238Removed Streamline Optimised and Estimated Line Speed from Job Details.
SDFE-2256Removed the config setting 'Ignore Spot Colors' as that is now a Media setting.
SDFE-2268*SDFESUP-859:* The color entries in the Eyedropper Tool will now display the makeup of that color in terms of each of the process colors as a hover-over tooltip.
SDFE-2272*SDFESUP-842:* Fixed UI elements being obscured or pushed off-screen: the Job Details button, the name of a job in the Job Details dialog, the name of the target media in the Job Details dialog, and the Active Media sticker in the media selection dialog.
SDFE-2286Fixed issue where the Apply button in the Edit Server dialog was slightly clipped at the bottom.
SDFE-2309SPC will now log the currently used license key on startup as an informational aid for license-related support requests.
SDFE-2315Jobs can now be scaled in Job Editor by a percentage of their current width and height.
SDFE-2316*SDFESUP-924:* Adjusted the layout of the Pre-Press Plugin.
SDFE-2318*SDFESUP-923:* JDF output will now copy next to job output when UseJobSubfolders is 0 while there are AppOutputDestinations specified.
SDFE-2331Added French Translations to Job Editor.
SDFE-2336Fixed issue where saving an SDC file over an existing one that was locked by another application would crash SPC.
SDFE-2347Fixed issue where Job Cost Estimator would attempt to Analyze using color management if the selected Configuration had missing ICC profiles.
SDFE-2350Scaling in Job Editor is now done by specifying the new width and height of the job.
SDFE-2352*SDFESUP-946:* Printing is no longer limited to 8 inks.
SDFE-2361SPC can be restyled using the Style Customizer OEM tool.
SDFE-2362The Style Customizer app has been added for OEMs to be able to create restyled versions of applicable apps (for now just SPC).
SDFE-2369Jobs can now be scaled in Job Editor by a percentage of their current width and height.
SDFE-2374Page Range and Job Scale and Rotate have been separated into different panels for clarity.
SDFE-2375Extra measures are now made to prevent scaling of a job to cause it to exceed its target media's media width.
SDFE-2376Updated the sample SDCs' Streamline model files.
SDFE-2383Added a preview for the job rotation in Job Editor.
SDFE-2389*SDFESUP-945:* Fixed issue where larger PDFs took an extremely long time to thumbnail.
SDFE-2396*SDFESUP-986:* Media cost has been raised to 4 digits for Korean.
SDFE-2397*SDFESUP-982:* Fixed an issue where printing with Job Information Pages to more than one server would sometimes cause the job to immediately cancel when trying to print it.
SDFE-2405The CPIM feature may now be utilised for multi-page, multi-copy jobs if the job would fit in the allocated shared memory buffer.
SDFE-2408A Press Emulator plugin has been added. This press emulator allows engineers to run performance tests isolated from the press to investigate performance issues. 
SDFE-2409*SDFESUP-983:* Fixed an issue where Applying server settings to a remote server would sometimes freeze the app for several minutes.
SDFE-2456New OPC method in Meteor UI Plugin. SetParamExViaJson - This allows a JSON file to be specified, containing multiple set param ex commands to submit to Meteor.
SMQ-469Generate intermediate ColorLogic Device Link Support 
SMQ-471SMC - Translations to French
SMQ-472*SDFESUP-541:* Job editor now displays Orange and Violet plates when being used as Process colors.
SMQ-475*SDFESUP-185:* SPC can now alias spot colours to specific print bars. Once aliased the spot colour will be printed on the selected print bar.
SMQ-561*SDFESUP-888:* Smart Calibrator now supports the Epson XL13000
SMQ-571*SDFESUP-898:* Fix over ink issue for interval black line on test chart.
SMQ-579TAC setting should be available when I have CMYK with non-measured colours.
SMQ-607*SDFESUP-541:* 6 colour process colours are now supported in Job Editor (CMYKOV and CMYKOG). 
SMQ-610SMM - change the name of the generated ICC profile 
SMQ-612Ignored Spots feature in SMM.
SMQ-613Import CXF file to Spot Colors in SMM.
SMQ-614SMM - Spot Colour Import.
SMQ-616SMM - Spot Variation Chart
SMQ-622Job Editor - Output Preview - apply device ICC to PDF
SMQ-623Job Editor - Change to the saving of spot colours
SMQ-625Standardisation of Colour Book and Colour Library terminology throughout SmartDFE Applications.

Known Limitations

  1. The Job Cost Estimation (JCE) feature in Smart Print Controller (SPC) is only currently supported when driving remote Harlequin Directs. If you setup Harlequin Direct on the same PC as the Smart Print Controller  (e.g. Evaluation setup) the JCE functionality will be unavailable. We plan to lift this limitation in the next release. 
  2. SPC and Smart Calibrator: Spot Variation chart: If the user quickly and repeatedly clicks the "+" or "-" button to adjust settings, they might experience a delay in the view refreshing. However, the final view or print should be based on the last settings the user selected
  3. SPC: Spot Variation chart: When closing the main SPC application window, any additional windows, such as the opened job editor, should also be closed.
  4. Direct: Aborting/clean-up after a hardware produces a fault, that is an underrun, can cause an SPC server disconnection.
  5. Direct: Completed page count is incorrect when channel clone is used. This only affects jobs that complete cleanly.

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