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Submitting your first job (Meteor Inkjet)

These steps will print to a local Rip Server (, outputting to a Meteor Sim file.

Load the Meteor Device Configuration

  • In the Engineer Pane, click 'Load Device....'
  • Select 'Meteor - KCMY.sdc'
    • If the file is not visible, navigate to C:\ProgramData\Smart Print Controller\DeviceConfigs
  • Verify that the RIP Direct configuration is set to 'RIPServer_Meteor'
  • Click 'Apply' to send the setup to the RIP server
    • At this point the Network Icon in the top right of SPC will be Green

If you see a red network icon, please see the troubleshooting guide before continuing.

Print a file to MetSim

  • Drag a sample PDF (e.g. CambridgeGold.pdf from the into the Waiting Queue.
  • Move the file from the Waiting Queue to the Printing Queue
  • Press the Start button
  • After a short time a popup will appear

    This dialog is to notify the user that the print run has not completed because a ProductDetect signal has not been sent to the Meteor Subsystem.
  • To send a Product Detect, and allow the print run to complete, change to the Meteor Pane and click the Product Detect 'Force' button.
  • There will now be a file in C:\SimFiles called MeteorSim1.sim
    Double click this to open it in SimPrint and view the output file.

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