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Log file locations

Smart Print Controller log file

The SPC log file is here:

%LocalAppData%\Global Graphics Software Ltd\Smart Print Controller

Harlequin Direct log files

Locations of log files are defined in the PowerShell script; by default they reside in the same folder as the HarlequinDirect.exe.

In the PowerShell script, they are referred to as StdOutLocation; the default filenames are HarlequinDirect_StdOut.txt  and  MeteorPEM_StdOut.txt.

Failed to start Harlequin Direct

HarlequinDirect not running

Some windows installations have a policy that prevents running PowerShell scripts, this results in SPC not starting HD automatically at startup and also an error message in the PowerShell window when starting manually.

This policy can modified by typing the following into PowerShell:

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

This only needs to be done once.

HarlequinDirect starts and exits immediately

When first installed, Harlequin Direct may not have any configuration files. The lack of config files means that Harlequin Direct exits immediately.

When you click Apply in Smart Print Controller (SPC), the config files are uploaded and then Harlequin Direct restarts and remains running.

Failed to connect to Harlequin Direct

Check firewall

SPC and the Harlequin Direct PC send control data over a socket (even when installed on the same PC). Windows installations by default have a firewall turned on that can prevent this communication.

If the share is working but Harlequin Direct is not detected by SPC, check your firewall settings and ensure the required ports are open.

Check IPV4 address

You must specify the address and path of the remote PC in IPV4 style ( Don't use a machine name; change it to an IPV4 address and restart SPC.

Port conflicts

By default SmartDFE uses the following ports:

9100-9120Harlequin DirectclripSee below: "Change clrip port"
9990Harlequin DirectSmartPCRemote
9997Harlequin DirectScreenProDirect (Status)Set in SPC UI, based on "port" set when adding a server

ScreenProDirect (Command)Set in SPC UI, based on "port" set when adding a server
9999Harlequin DirectHarlequin DirectSet in SPC UI, based on "port" set when adding a server
26542SPCSmartPrintController (OPC)
26642SPCSmartPrintController-Meteor (OPC)

Check for Port conflict

To check for port conflicts, use the Resource Monitor:

  1. Run Resource Monitor (resmon.exe).
  2. Under Network, open the "Listening Ports" section.
  3. Sort by Port, look at the regions SmartDFE uses, as shown above.
  4. Check for any conflicts.

Change clrip port

  1. Edit: C:\SPCHD\SW\RIPFarmConfig\ripfarm_global.json.
  2. Search for "BasePort".
  3. Change the value to a number where there is a gap in the used ports that are reported by Resource Monitor.
  4. Copy the ripfarm_global.json to the Harlequin Direct folder: C:\SPCHD.

Enable SheetCounter

You can enable and disable the SheetCounter feature; use a key in the Harlequin Direct template file.

You must modify this file on the SPC PC.

In the “Output” section of this file, add the following line before the last line in that section:

"SheetCounterEnabled": 1,

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