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Upgrading (Smart Workflow)

Uninstall the Previous Version

Using the Windows cmd prompt command:

  1. Navigate to where you installed Smart Workflow (for example, C:/Program Files/SWF/).
  2. Type nucleusd.exe --stop (to stop the previous version if it's running)
  3. Type nucleusd.exe --uninstall (to remove the previous service if it's installed).
  4. Delete the installation folder.
  5. DO NOT Remove the database NiXPS folder at C:\ProgramData\NiXPS.

    Deleting the NiXPS (Database) folder and PP_FILE_STORE Folder will remove the job history and settings.

Install Smart Workflow

Unzipping the file

To install the latest version of Smart Workflow, copy the supplied ZIP file to the required installation folder and unzip (recommend using 7-zip).

You should be logged on to the computer with administrator privileges to Install
We recommend using 7-Zip to extract "<<InstallVersion>>>.zip" into the C:/Program Files/SWF/<Installation Version>

  •  Right-click on the zip and choose 7-Zip->Extract files... (on Windows 11, you likely need to select "Show more options" first)
  • Set "Extract to" as "C:\Program Files\" and tick "Eliminate duplication of root folder" and then hit "OK".

If you don't use 7-Zip, and extract all with the default Windows method, it will take more than an hour!

Starting Smart Workflow and Licensing

Using the Windows command (CMD):

  1. Navigate to where Smart Workflow was unzipped.
  2. Type nucleusd.exe --install --launchmongo.
  3. Hit Enter when it has finished installing Cloudflow

Smart Workflow is installed as a service and automatically restarts every time the PC is rebooted; therefore you only need to type this command once.

Install the Smart Workflow Applications


The above landing page runs an installation workflow and must be run at least once. Even if your machine appears to work, this installs the Smart Workflow applications to the latest version.

Finally the Job Station Page displays:

If the installed version is branded, the set-up file location may be different and may be of the form:


If you have problems accessing the page, please consult your OEM for set-up information.

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