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How do I reconcile the Product Key in my database with the Protection Key ID reported by the user?

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP.

When you order a license from Global Graphics, you get a Product Key in return, and you probably record that in your own databases; most likely you include some detail about the distribution channel that it was forwarded through and potentially information about the dealer, order number, and even the end user to whom it was supplied.

When the Product Key is used to activate a RIP, the user is provided with a Protection Key ID, which is displayed in the LDK Tool, Sentinel ACC, RIP monitor, and so on. The user may record the Product Key and use that to report issues or order layered options from you, but it is more likely that they use the Protection Key ID because it is more obviously visible on the RIP computer.

When an additional feature is added to an existing LDK RIP license, it is delivered as a Product Key for a Protection Key Update.

Global Graphics can accept any Product Key or Protection Key ID as the identifier for a RIP license if you need to order new additional features or require assistance from Harlequin Support.

You can also search in your historical LDK orders list in the Harlequin LDK Ordering system, using either the Product Key or Protection Key ID. This shows not only all the Protection Key IDs associated with any Product Key but also all the elements included in the license.

You can also sign up for regular reports of your customersʹ LDK activations by email. Those reports include both the Product Key and the Protection Key ID. For more information see Can I be automatically informed when a license is activated?.

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