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(v13) Host interaction

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP.

Your host application interacts with the service layer using a number of functions and callbacks. See (v13) The functions and callback functions for more details. These functions are handled by the service layer and passed onto the core for execution.

These basic functions and callbacks are:

(v13) SwLeInitRuntime

This is used when restarting the RIP. It initializes skinkit variables prior to starting the RIP.

(v13) SwLeSDKStart

This prepares the memory arena that the RIP uses, and initializes some support libraries.

(v13) SwLeSetRipRendererThreads

A call to this function is optional, and if called, it must be before the first call to SwLeMemInit() or SwLeStart() for a RIP instantiation.

(v13) SwLeMemInit

This is optional and initializes memory for the Harlequin Core, giving it a memory buffer of a given size to work in.

(v13) SwLeSetRasterCallbacks

Sets the callback functions that the RIP calls back to the skin.

(v13) SwLePgbSetCallback

Sets a callback function for the named pagebuffer device parameter.

(v13) SwLeAddCustomDevices

Adds DEVICETYPE* objects to the array passed to the RIP during startup.

(v13) SwLeStart

This starts the RIP. Messages are sent to the callback function *pfnMonitor.

(v13) SwLeProcessInputQueue

This provides an alternate and better interface than using SwLeJobStart , SwLePS, and SwLeJobEnd.

(v13) SwLeJobStart

This prepares the RIP to accept the job.

(v13) SwLePS

This passes a buffer of PostScript language data to the RIP.

(v13) SwLeJobEnd

This tells the RIP that the current job has finished processing.

(v13) SwLeStop

This function should only be called in between job boundaries. It submits a shutdown PostScript language job to the RIP, then waits for the RIP to exit.

(v13) SwLeSDKEnd

This should be called before SwLeShutdown(), before exiting the application. The RIP may be re-started without shutting down the SDK libraries if it can share the same memory configuration.

(v13) SwLeShutdown

This shuts-down the entire RIP process.

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