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(v13) What is the Harlequin Core SDK?

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin Core but not Harlequin MultiRIP.

The Harlequin Core as supplied implements a low-level API (application programming interface), which is encapsulated within a skin of service code. This “skinkit” provides a simple, abstracted but extendable application interface around which you can create your host application. See Figure: Harlequin Core with host application.

You are not expected to change the inner “skinkit” layer; it is provided in source for the rare occasions when you might need to change it. Please get GGS input prior to changing the skinkit.

Using the service layer skinkit:

  • You could create an application that supplies job files to the Harlequin Core. The resulting raster can be passed on, for example, as a disk-based file or output to a physical device such as an imagesetter or platesetter.
  • You could use the RIP as a rasterizer to view job files as bitmaps from within an application.
  • You could create an OPI application which passes PostScript language data to the Harlequin Core for processing into low-resolution rasters which are made available for use on page-makeup platforms.
  • You could create an application which passes images to Harlequin Core which are then converted into another image format and passed back to the application.
  • The service layer skinkit can be extended, using the source code provided, to enable other functions within the Harlequin Core.

Figure: Harlequin Core with host application

The service layer skinkit can be used to instruct the Harlequin Core to interpret incoming job data and produce an output raster. To extend it, write applications to support additional input and output methods and formats.

The inner core of Harlequin Core comprises a shared library ( or DLL (dynamic link library) (corelib.dll), which contains the core RIP itself. The RIP core provides a low-level API which is suitable for tasks that the service layer skinkit does not offer.

Around both the core and skin is your implementation or host application of the Harlequin Core which utilizes both the low-level core and the service layer skinkit. An example implementation skintest is supplied with HHR.

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