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(v13) InstallICC in the HqnSettings procset

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; and to Harlequin MultiRIP but not Harlequin Core

InstallICC is provided as a simple mechanism to install new ICC profiles in the Harlequin RIP.

file/filename ProfileName InstallICC installeddict bool file/filename ProfileName optionsdict InstallICC installeddict bool

The profile may be supplied either as a file object or as a string containing a file name. If a file name is supplied, any device included in the name will be mounted if required. If a file object is provided and it is not positionable, the profile data will be spooled to a temporary, local file before installation.

The ProfileName must be a string that provides a name by which the profile will be known after installation. An options dictionary (optionsdict ) may be provided to further control the installation. The following options are used if no dictionary is provided:


<current device name>




















This specifies the device this profile should be used for.


This specifies whether the data in the profile should be resampled.


If this is true , a device profile will be generated. In this event, the keys CRD0 , CRD1 , CRD2 , and CRD3 specify whether or not CRDs will be generated for the corresponding intents in the ICC profile.


If this is true , the profile generated will be flagged as suitable in the Interpret As menus in the Harlequin RIP GUIs.


If this is true , a DeviceLink colorspace resource will be created.


If this is true , a profile will be generated that is suitable for selection from the Emulating menu in the Harlequin RIP GUI.


This key has been deprecated. It previously specified whether the resources derived from the ICC profile should be installed on the disk. For more information see the Note at the end of section (v13) Installing N color profiles .


This may be optionally added. The value should be a string defining the profile from which a calibration table should be taken for use with the profile being installed. If this key is missing, the default Linear calibration profile will be used.

The final Boolean returned on the operand stack indicates whether the ICC profile installation was successful. The installeddict returned by the procedure will include all of the keys /Profile , /InterpretAs , /DeviceLink , and /Emulation for which the profile was installed. The value of these keys will be true .

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