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What are Product Keys and Protection Key IDs?

This page applies to Harlequin v13.1r0 and later; both Harlequin Core and Harlequin MultiRIP.

A Product Key is a string generated by the entitlement management system (EMS) at Global Graphics and supplied to the end user for use in activating an LDK license or an addition to an LDK license. It is comparable to the “activation code” or “serial number” used in activation processes for many other common computer operating systems and applications.

Delivering the Product Key is equivalent to delivering the license.

A Product Key always contains 36 characters and hyphens. For example:


Once activated, each activation can be identified using a Protection Key ID. The length of the Protection Key ID varies, but is shorter than 36 characters, and contains no hyphens. For example:


There are two numbers because the Product Key references the order (entitlement), whereas the Protection Key ID(s) references the activated license(s). A single entitlement may enable more than one activation, and therefore there may be multiple Protection Key IDs per Product Key. For more information see Can I run multiple RIPs from a single license?

You can see and record Product Keys in your own databases, as they are the form in which soft locks, VM locks, and hard locks are delivered to you. The Protection Key ID is only accessible when the license has been activated, so unless OEM technicians are performing the activation you may not have immediate access to that number (but see Can I be automatically informed when a license is activated? and  GGS001 - Harlequin and ScreenPro LDK Ordering: "Checking your LDK Product and Protection Keys"). As far as possible, Global Graphics are working to ensure that the two numbers are interchangeable, enabling you to use either a Protection Key ID or a Product Key when ordering an option to be added to the license, for instance.

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